Guide to heatlhy Computing



the upload site is not eben letting me download the images and put them somewhere else.. i will have to wait this month to upload them somewhere else.. :(

but thanks for letting me know..


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That is so wonderful information that you have shared.I really like your idea to share such basic but very useful information.The information that you have share is very important and useful to the users who have some less knowledge about the computer and wanted to buy the new one.Thank you for sharing the post...


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Hi buddy
That was realyy nice piece of information you have provided.But I could not see the pics that you have posted.Looking forward for nice article like this one..


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Nice Work dude
Posted again:
I m not allowed to create new thread why???
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Pretty useful post...
A must read fr everyone working with Computers...
Being aware of these things will help us reduce RSI
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