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why companies are manufacturing outdated laptop in the first place, full HD, 1TB HDD, 4 GB Ram, should have been the mainstream and minimum spec of any laptop at least five years back, but still in 2015 we have same config for past 10 years

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what is the competition for Core i3 5th and 4th gen from AMD, what are the processor with same league from amd

and what is U, M used in processor, which one is better, does 14nm really helps ?

The competition from AMD is A10 , A8 and APU . A6 is a dual core APU .A8 , A10 are quadcore APU with different number of GPU stream processors. there are 2 suffixes from AMD i think and FX series of processors . P (eg A10-8700P)series are 17-20 watts processors optimized for battery life while fx series (fx-8800P) are performance oriented having a tdp of 35 watts.

With respect to intel the mobile segment is divided into a number of segments.

H series : performance oriented 2-4 cores with/without iris/iris-pro integrated graphics have a tdp of 35-47 Watts (eg core i7 4950HQ 6920HQ).

M and MQ : performance oriented processor M are dual core processors and MQ are quad core processors.

U : These low power optimized processors . The TDP is 17 watts and are oriented to give better life . Ultrabooks use these processors generally. these are dual core processors with lower clock speed for both cpu and gpu. (eg core i5 5010U, core i7 5060U, core i7 6500U )

Y : These extreme low power processors for 2 in 1 laptops and tablets. the tdp is 4.5 watts to 11 watts (eg core i3 4010Y for 4th gen core m7 6Y75 for 6th gen processors).
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