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[Praise] great service by dell


Two days ago my Dell XPS L502x stopped charging. On connecting the adapter it showed plugged in but not charging as the adapter type could not be recognized. On digging it in the internet found that it was some problem with the adapter identification cable or something in the adapter cable and it had came off. As My laptop was brought from america in my cousins name I was expecting some sort of argument from dell saying some excuse about the warranty.Just called Dell service at 8.30pm on the 29th of the month. Got answered very quickly. promptly asked my bios version and all the usual stuff and took my address and phone number. The service guy was here on the 31st morning. Got the adapter replaced with a new one. No problem with the warranty as it is an international warranty and i dont even have the three years full cover. I am having two years warranty.
The guy was from TVS electronics as dell out sources the service to them.
Great work by dell and TVS electronics.


+ 1 For dell This week i had my monitor replaced twice, Both the replaced monitors were brand new and they replaced within 24 - 48 hrs both the time,

Earlier my first monitor had a single White line appearing on top of the screen
The ist replaced monitor had the entire screen white after 5 minutes of switching, I found the problem as soon as I connected the first time when recieved in my hands,
This is the second replacement within 17 hours,

Dell seriously gives the best after sales service I've ever had than any company :)
Love you Dell...

BTW monitor model Dell IN2030M 20" HD LED...


Lost in speed
I've always heard/read about Dell's spectacular customer support.
I'm reading another one now. :D

+3 (technically there are 2 '+1's above) to Dell.


BMG ftw!!
Nice to see a positive feedback about dell. It may be the first positive feedback I've heard about dell in past 2 years or so. :p
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