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Great New Firefox Extensions.

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I have browsed the 37 pages full of firefox extensions at http://www.extensionsmirror.nl and found some more great extensions.

Don,t know the exact locations but i am mentioning the names.Search them using the site search box at www.extensionmirror.nl

1. Download Manager Tweak : Most of the times the inbuilt download manager pops up even while saving a webpage.This extension can open the download manager in a seperate tab instead of popup window.It even have an option to automatically close the download manager windows after the completion of download.

2. Ext2Abc :This extension can sort the list of installed extensions Alphabetically in the Extensions window.Usually they show up in installation order.

3. SubmitTo Tab:This extension can submit any form in a seperate window like login\registration forms.So u can easily create multiple accounts without the hassle to refill the forms.

4. Traget Alert:This extension show an icon related to the link.For Exmaple:If a link points to a zip file,the software shows a small zip file icon next to it.It can alert about zips,pdfs,docs,xml,rss files and can even show an icon next to the links which open in new windows while clicking.GREAT ONE.MUST TRY.

5. Bookmark Backup:Automatically takes a backup of your bookmarks everytime u close the firefox window.

6. WML Browser:This extension can open WML pages using firefox.Now u can see the wap sites like they usaully show up on a cellphone screen.
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