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Graphics card

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Hi...M planning 2 get a new Dell XPS M1530...
D default graphics card that i get is an 128MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS..and d option i get is 2 upgrade it 2 a 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT...

I would like 2 avoid upgrading 2 d 8600 due 2 money matters...i just wanted 2 know a couple of d popular games i would face problem with by going with d default card...

Plz reply soon as i have 2 place the order ASAP....

Thank U:)


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though going for cpu upgrade(as in hardware section) will give u better performance but if u are planning to do some casual gaming then this graphic card upgrade is better.....most of the games run well on 8600gt(at medium-high@1024x768).
with 8400 u wont enjoy eyecandy coz i dont thing it will run games like CRYSIS at medium at playable frames....
with 8400 u ll have to play all latest games at low settings...believe me u wont like it

Moreover all latest games demand 256mb or more vram....so 8600gt is definitly better go..
Some of the games u wud have to play without eye candy are:
oblivion(even tho its older now)
and lot many
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