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Grand Theft Auto 3 coming to iOS, Android


Grand Theft Auto 3 coming to iOS, Android
with this October marking the 10-year
anniversary of Rockstar's groundbreaking
Grand Theft Auto III, the developer is
celebrating by releasing the open-world
classic on iOS and Android "later this fall,"
though no price was given. " Grand Theft
Auto III showed us the potential of open
world games," Rockstar big boss Sam
Houser said in a press release. "It helped
set the vision for the company, and we
have been expanding on those
possibilities with every game ever since."
You're probably as curious as we are as
to how an open-world title like GTA3
controls on a touchscreen, but luckily the
game will be playable at this weekend's
New York Comic Con.
If playing with bits and bytes isn't your
thing, then ... well, why are you reading
this website? Regardless, you'll probably
be interested in the above 1:6 scale
action figure of GTA3 antihero Claude,
replete with various outfits, guns, and
severed hands. At just $150, we clearly
don't understand the economics of action
figures anymore.
For a full list of supported devices, along
with a photo gallery of the action figure,
head on past the break.
Apple iOS Devices: iPad 2, iPhone 4S
Android Phones: Droid X2, HTC Evo 2, LG
Optimus 2X, Motorola Atrix, Samsung
Galaxy S2
Android Tablets: Acer Iconia, Asus Eee
Pad, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy
Tab 10.1


Legend Never Ends
Too bad. LOoks like even if it were released for iOS no use for me as it doesnt support iPod Touch :banghead:
Will be great fun in iPAd I guess :D

But will be great to see this game in mobiles :D
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