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Government's 'Har Hath Main Phone' Scheme Promises One Mobile Phone For Poor Families


Steam High Templar
this would only open more avenues for "eating" and "feeding" and of course, votes for the congress
sometime ago there was also a "Budget tablet" which was named on the hindi word for sky.we know what happened to it :wink:
hey, assuming they get elected we will have a "Har Hath Main Phone" scam in the news by 2016


Legend Never Ends
99% of anyone I see whether or not he is literate or illiterate possess a phone. so this scheme? :facepalm:
We are in the wrong direction.


DafaQ , I don't see what use a mobile phone will serve to a hungry homeless , poor illiterate individual. It will instead benefit Chinese companies and help in promoting another multi-million scam.
Why dont they spend it on promoting education and healthcare facilities.

Isn't it all about Creating a damn VoteBank. ??

"Yaar sarkar kub badlegi ? Kab ? :("

akshat khurana

Right off the assembly line
There is more to it than distributing phones and later garnering revenues. Instead the government should aim of providing basic necessities to them like nutritious food and basic requirements.


In the zone
No Food .............. No Problem , dont need it
No Shelter .............. No Problem At al .. the World is your Shelter
No Education .............Remember Gupi Gain Bagha Bain.......Porashuna kore je Onahare More Se
No Mobile.................Now Thats a Problem i can Solve.......... Promise to give me a Vote .............. Here take a Free of Cost Mobile


Lost in speed
This is stupid. Waste money on unnecessary things!
Most of the ppl (even in villages) are havin mobiles for their daily activities!

Govt should concentrate on mass necessities and social welfare!

This type of attitude in elections seriously sucks!
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