Government will now help you find your lost/stolen mobile phone


Samsung top end models & Apple iphones have hardware encryption that cannot be bypassed by any publicly known means(hence the FBI reward to hacker group for unlocking iphone of that Pakistani US terrorist couple using a zero day vulnerability) so if password/screen lock/pattern is not known that one cannot factory reset/format/modify boot loader of those phones to install custom rom/original rom again to use those phones. Only option is to dismantle the phone & then sell parts as spare.
I had been told the same thing by the cyber cell dept in the Police, the thieves themselves admit that stolen iphones have to be used for its parts only, the imei info of the phone cannot be changed like they do for other phones hence if even if they factory reset the phone somehow it will be trackable.


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I don't own iphone but there are tutorials available to unlock iphone without passcode.

At least use common sense, if it was that easy to unlock iphones then this wouldn't be a major news headlines in newspapers all over the world back in 2016.

Next time do some thorough research before posting youtube link of a paid snake oil software company here which might end luring some naïve visitors/members here to buy that company's software.

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