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[Query] got offered for Gigabyte h77ds3h -- A h67ausb3-b3 mobo (Gigabyte). Is that okay ?


Clueless Noob
is that fair value ? I know its a older generation board but will it have problems working with ivy bridge and gtx 6xx cards ?
It sucks that they could not give the same model number but I bought it in September and they are giving me a new board in November so I m having some doubts?


Clueless Noob
saala damn it. taken it now. Actually what happened was i thought they were giving me a interim replacement till my board was repaired. Should have known this is India, nobody gives that good a service. thanks will start to raise a stink about it now.


wait, isnt h67 for sandy bridge?

now, ask them for a better z77.

gigabyte replaced my 880GM D2H with upgraded 880GM UD2H :D
im sure, that if you make the right noises, you can get an upgraded board too.
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