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Google Nexus owners thread


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I'm part of a group purchase for this tpu cover, which has got good reviews on XDA and Apple phone forums:

Mercury flexible cover for Nexus 4.

Estimate landed cost per piece 700/-.

Slightly costlier but high quality.

We need two or more people to start the purchase process.

PM me for details.

Poetic case cracks at the joints between bumper and plastic rim.


i experienced hangs twice...and had to restart it ....anybody faced such problem ???

No such problems here. I read online about a hang/restarting issue. Most of them involved buggy lockscreen widgets. If you are using any 3rd party lockscreen widget then maybe you can try removing that. Also did your phone hangup, restart and then when you checked....the play store had updated? It should not happen like that, but it is a possibility if you were downloading something from the play store while it got updated.
BTW my play store got updated yesterday to the new interface too(without reboot). I like it better now.


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Guys, got my Nexus 10 today! :twisted:
Add me too!
Are there any smart covers for it (like in iPad) ?
If yes, then please do recommend them!
Budget- around 1500


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Getting a nexus 7 32 gb in a few days :)
Can anybody recommend a good case and budget earphones for it?
and why isn't there a dedicated thread for nexus 7?
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