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Google Launched IMAP Support for Gmail

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Tribal Boy
Re: Gmail may bring IMAP support


Please correct me if I am wrong. But as far as I know HTTP is slow compared to POP or IMAP. Yes, Hotmail support it. And yahoo POPs (the software which used to download yahoo emails in outlook express / TB) also use HTTP email internally (which makes retreiving emails slow)

Another thing is, you can use Windows Live Mail - for hotmail. It is almost = Outlook Express and you need not pay for using the email client. That is sure a good option (Thanks to GX_Saurav for giving more info on that) for hotmail users.

Whatever it is, Gmail rox :) No doubt in that. With so many features, pretty neat interface (yahoo is cluttered) and a whopping 4 GB ! Nothing is gonna beat Gmail for the time being...


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Re: Gmail may bring IMAP support

Wow IMAP support. Though it's not enabled on my account yet :(
Time to reconfigure my mail settings again.

Choto Cheeta said:
Personally I would say that unless there is folder support to Gmail like Yahoo / Rediff or other email srvice this feature is quite useless to me :(
If you use labels properly they can work as well, if not better, as folders. In my case labels help me much more as I get quite a few mails that I'd like to post in 2 sections or sometimes even more. This cannot be always achieved with folders.


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Re: Gmail may bring IMAP support

wats the benefit of IMAP other than the fact that it will star the mails u star in a client or mark them as read if u do so in a client


Re: Gmail may bring IMAP support

Trashing it on your client will reflect as trashing it on your webmail... Saves the job of deleting (junk) mail twice...



Tribal Boy
Re: Gmail may bring IMAP support

For me - I configured my official email and personal email (both support IMAP - my own sites) in mobile phone. And without going to web interface, I get the mail list, subject and part of header (if needed) quickly. I can click the email to read if it is needed. And unlike in POP I do not have to wait to download all emails.


Re: Gmail may bring IMAP support

I got the IAMP support enabled for my account. How to use it I don't know. Also I currently use POP3, so I don't think I will need it currently.


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Re: Gmail may bring IMAP support

@din .... u r right ..... bt v do have pros & cons 4 mail providers ........


Choto Cheeta was right.... IMAP is finally launched!

Google has launched a new IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) service for Gmail that will allow users to sync Gmail with their e-mail clients.

"It keeps the same information synced across all devices so that whatever you do in one place shows up everywhere else you might access your e-mail," said David Murray, associate product manager, in a blog post. "For example, I can read an e-mail in Gmail, then move it to the 'Starred' folder on my iPhone, then archive it by moving it to 'All Mail' in Thunderbird, then see all of those changes on my BlackBerry or any of [these] devices for that matter."

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