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Google in 2020

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dont go fat in 2009 Google will be conquered by Pakistani Militants and they will make it their official website for terrorism broacasting news. it will be called googlitant.com or googlistan.com





Sith Lord
Staff member
By 2020?
You will all own google sold machines working off an operating system hosted on google servers. The updates/addons will be done directly to the server version, so there is no talk of buying and selling. All software developers will work for google, and the concept of downloading will be obsolete, because all your data will be stored on remote google servers. You will have to buy stuff just to access it. Demos will be one time access, buying will let you access it as many times as you want.
You will own a google phone, and it will insert context relevent ads in the middle of the call (which will hopefully make the call free), as well as offer context relevent services. You will be able to order pizza, a cab or send a file or email to the caller WHILE making the call.
Hell, google will put in ads in your fridge, when you run out of food or a particular type of food goes bad. It will monitor your microwave, and your washing machine, calling google listed technicians and dobhiwallahs or istriwallahs. Google will be in your underwear too, telling you when you need a new pair. IT would be pretty convinient actually.
By 2020, Google will have replaced the UN, become the government for the entire world. Hell, there will be people worshipping Google, because Google would have replaced God. Already all the necessary requirements are fulfilled - Its omnipotent and omnipresent. It just requires some time to become immortal.

And oh, when you die, your souls will be uploaded to google.
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