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Good website for free Ebooks!!!!!

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Dear friends,
i want to know the place where we can get free Ebooks covering topics
Personlity develpoment, aptitude improvement, GD's, Techical books, Programming language.


Cyborg Agent
patelviren said:
Think that Sourabh has missed this one to edit

I already know about this site. This site delivers e-version almost all books on market on computer/technology. But what about copyright ?

Is that site legal ?

Edit: Removed link from quote


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XYZ (Edit) is an illegal site. I checked it out it containes e-books on all popular books. It is illegal to share such books without paying for them. Mods please delete the name of the site from the thread.


Ok enough of this donkeys work. You are responsible for what links you post. Posting links to sites which directly provide illegal ebooks for downloads in a forum which even doesnt allow discussions on it? Mods cant check for all these ebook sites one at a time and edit out the illegal ones. So, in short, you are responisble for the links you post, if it is illegal, you are violating the rules. Necessary actions would be taken if and when this happens again.
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