good ht/speaker system upto 25k


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Please suggest some good home theater or speaker system for only music and movie purpose. I m not interested in gaming so want to enjoy good music with deep bass. My budget is only till 25k.

I have 3 options logitech z906 yamaha ht-196 and onkyo s3400

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Check out Sony HT E490, its pretty good, you can get it for around 22k

Even I have heard a lot about Logitech, but haven't auditioned them till yet


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My choice will be priority wise;

1. Onkyo S3400 - for features and future device/player addition.
2. Logitech Z906 - if the above can't satisfies me after audition.
3. Yamaha ht-196 - nothing I found interesting by seeing it's official product page. Though no experience...woofer looks quite beefy.
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