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Good Headphone for <2K

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I need a good phone for Music/Movies. I would like to have a Sennheiser but dono about the model available in India. Any other choices for me? I can stretch the budget to 2.5K.


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sennheiser hd201 @1.1k is good for music and excellent for movies.

sennheiser PX100 @2.4k best music quality , but its not a full sized headphone its portable, there are no full sized headphone at that range which can beat px100 in sound quality.
Audio-Technica has some good models but its not available in india.


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Use a CX-300 and you will forget the EP-630 instantly. Creative EP series has only got some heavy bass. There is no sound clarity(in mids lows and highs) which you will find in a sennheiser. Even the CX-180 is much better than an EP.

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CX-300 will be somewhere around 2000 while CX-180 will be 1200-1400.


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Try sennheiser Hd202 ... they r great for its price...
or try sennheiser HD415 :cool: . They r great sounding openback headphones.. you can get them for around 2600 rs....
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