Gmail in OE 6 ! ! !

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Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
how can i get my gmails in oe 6 ???

do i need 2 download any software or patch ???

can headers of gmails b seen as of Hotmails ???


Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
read ? & ans ... plz ...

dont just reply 2 increase ur posts ...


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to see headers of a gmail mail, click on the "more options" link near the senders name

See this image which u get by clicking that :

for POP and stuff
see this image

Note - If u cant see an image, please quote my text to get the code of the image location ;)


In the zone
open gmail

go to > settings

go to > POP and Forwarding

Check the radio button on > All Mails from now under POP

Below you will find the link to set up your email account on Outlook Express 6

That's it... have fun
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