Discussion: Gigabyte India changed their service policy for motherboard RMA

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Gigabyte India sent the following message, should be of use to some folks here:

We are happy to inform you that GIGABYTE Technology has recently revamped its warranty terms with a focus on ensuring that every GIGABYTE motherboard end-customer gets faster and more efficient support.

As per the new policy, the company is offering a maximum 3-day Turnaround Time (TAT) in metro cities, and a maximum 7-day TAT in non-metro cities as part its 3-year service warranty.


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Gigabyte India sent the following message, should be of use to some folks here:

This is really fantastic news Sorcy, now I may even opt for Gigabyte over Asus. Its high these companies brought decent RMA policies to India, and realize customer service is key to sales.


good news i am considering a gigabyte mobo with 880 chipset any suggestions

is it possible to have 2 x pci16 slots mobo with and igp (talking about amd)


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As long as ACEL FRONTLINE INDIA serves as their channel partner THIS IS NOT A good new at all.

Today i have the experience again. Does it Replace a burnt IC Case/


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PMed this guy. Had a telephonic conversation also.

But they are not able to give any satisfactory answer regarding the issue of my MOBO. They are insisting me to take a REFURBISHED OR REPAIRED BOARD.


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THIS CHIP IS RESPONSIBLE FOR COM PORT AND PS/2 PORTS which have never been used by me. They are saying that it is for surge which is not possible cause i use APC 650Y UPS , BELKIN SURGE PRTOECTOR SPIKE and CORSAIR VX 450 W PSU. THEY ALSO KNOW THAT.
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i guess many companies offer 2 year replacement and the third year repair only warranty. not sure of gigabyte though. you better remove the phone number from the picture.
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