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Gigabyte 6800 Non Ultra about to come

Discussion in 'QnA (read only)' started by gxsaurav, Sep 11, 2004.

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  1. gxsaurav

    gxsaurav Guest

    I just found this out, Gigabyte is about to launch the 6800 non Ultra in India but in a very limited quantity, U will have to pay Rs 28,000 for this, the specs can be found here


    The 6800GT is available for Rs 32,000, this a hell of a card, if I wasen't saving for my Bike, I would have gone for this & sold my FX.

    It incorporates a fan less design, so remembar, when U use it it will get hot due to ambient warm air inside the cabinet, install a good exhaust system, or eventually it will shut it self down

    This is the first Gigabyte Card, I m not recomending due to this fan less design, cos in India the CPU Cabinet market is really bad
  2. blade_runner

    blade_runner New Member

    Nov 6, 2003
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    Good news for ppl who cant afford a GT or a ultra. Btw dude i think the Gigabyte GT costs 27k odd so this baby will b priced @ arnd 20-22k. The fanless design is a downer......maybe it might have lower clock speeds as compared to that of the stock 6800NU.
  3. OP

    gxsaurav Guest

    Well, don't know about yor place, but here GT is available for Rs 31,950 (~32k), including all texes, the costs are from a distributer of Gigabyte Products in UP, & Lucknow, the biggest

    Man, I need my bike, so that I can save & get this 6800nU, not GT but still it will give a lot of performance for the nxet few years,

    but then again, nothing is slow on my FX rite now

    However I wish they release the 6600GT soon, that will cost about ~15K
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