GEttin A New Pc ???

Discussion in 'Hardware Q&A' started by XtremeFuturistic, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. XtremeFuturistic

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    Jan 3, 2007
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    Hmmmmmm .....

    Guys, I Wanna Make A Mid Budget - Rock Good Sense Pc, But I Am Lookin 2 Constraints.

    1. This Pc Wud Be An Absolute Budget Pc. So No Core 2 Duo. :mad: :sad:

    2. I Wanna Upgrade This New Pc To Core 2 Duo Within Next 6-8 Months, When Prices Come In Range Of 8-9,000 For E6600. So Pls Help Me So That Most Of What I Shud Buy Today, Shud Be Easily Fitting Into The New Core 2 Duo That I Wanna Upgrade Later.

    So What'S Up ---

    I Want Right Now -

    Amd Athlon 64 3500 --
    -> Tell Me Why Shud I Buy Am2 & Not Socket 939 Of Amd3500. Any Advantages. I Know That Ddr2 Is Only Compatible Maybe With Am2 Model Only N Not With 939, But A Little Faster Ddr2 Is Not That Worthy Than Ddr - My Guess. Or Tell Me If I Am Wrong. .............. Just Help Me Ppl.

    Ok This Is My Current Built Up.
    I Will Add N Change As U All Like, But Tell Me The Reasons.

    Amd 3500 Socket 939 ( Other Options -- Amd 3500 Am2 / Amd 3200 Am2 / Amd 3200 939 )
    Seagate Baracuda 320 Gb Sata2 ( Other -- Seagate 320/300 Gb Sata / Wd 300 Gb Sata2 )
    1 Gb Ram ( Ddr2 Or Ddr - Which Is Better ??? ) ( Transcend Or Corsair - Tell Me )
    Dvd Write Drive ( I Am Complete Noob In This Choice - I Havent Had Any Experience In Dvd Drives - Just Tell Em Ur Experience ) ( I Think -- Benq / Nec / Liteon / Liteon Lightscribe )

    Rest All Is Nothin Left - 1 Extra Fan, Win Xp Sp2 + Tiny Xp Experience Edition + Adv Server 2003 - Dual Boots )

    Monitor - I Have Already
    Mouse - Best Reasonable But Very Ultra Light To Use N Some More Advance Configurablity - But Inside 500 Bucks.

    My Whole Budget, Excludin Monitor, Keyboard, Speakers Is Bout 20,000 +-2,000 Bucks. Ofcourse, Inr Rs.

    N Yes - I Missed - Tell Me Which Mobo - I Dont Play Most Latest Games, So Anythin Absolute Budget Will Rock Still - Nvidia 6100, 6200 Is Fine, Inbuilt Integrated Video N Sound - I Have Used Asus A8Nvm With Integ. Video - Nvidia 6100 N Its Fine For Now - Till I Get My Hands On The King Kong Core2Duo.

    Sorry For The Long Post But I Need All Ur Help N Be Quick - Time Is Runnin Out.

    Just 1 More Mention - I Want As I Told Ye, I Wanna Keep Most Of This Pc, Easily Upgraded Into A New Core2Duo, So Except From The Cpu N Mobo, All Shud Be Absolute Same With The 2 Pcs. Ie. Ram, Hard Drive Etc.

    =============== Anyone With Prices In Probably Delhi - Wud Be Another Gr8 Help.

    Now Do It. ........ :wink: :wink:
  2. shantanu

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    Dec 7, 2006
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