German users claim MacBook Air can cut through bread, flesh

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by Joshua Topolsky, posted May 27th 2008 at 8:39AM

Now, we know that the MacBook Air is one thin laptop, but some Apple forum members in Germany are claiming that the edge of the laptop is not only sharp -- but downright dangerous. According to "Apple Talk" reader Bajuware, his MBA went kill-crazy all over his elbow while he was cold-chillin' on his couch. The details are a little hard to suss out due to the language barrier (and machine translation), but it would appear the Air's bottom edge made nasty work of the human flesh like someone had insulted its mother. Another MBA owner claims his computer is sharp enough to slice bread, though we assume it's not used for buttering. Honestly, we're not sure what kind of danger an innocent MacBook Air could really pose besides causing you to throw out your back constantly plugging in the AC to charge that not-quite-as-advertised battery.


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paper cuts too, through the flesh :D I had my finger bled while writing journal :(

Is the news true ??? i think the guy must have rubbed it like 100 times to get that cut.


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lol thats one sharp news

Thx for sharing it Mr Bond....

T159 yeah had a similar incident too when i was in school writing record notes...neva bled but cut the top layer of skin


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Yea. With just 1 USB port, no optical drive and the slowww 4200RPM drives, those losers had to start finding alternate uses. :D


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My PC works on electricity which cud fry a chicken. And My PC has some fans rotating fast which cud cut a lizard by half. Also my woofer can blow away as much as 10~20 mosquitos at one time.
And if i sleep keeping my monitor close to me then there are chances it cud kill me[a 17" flat CRT weighing bout 20KG].
All this shows that using a system like mine is no child's play
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