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Gaming PC for 1-1.2 lakh



Broken In
Okay guys here is the build I have decided

Processor - i5 6600k
CPU Cooler - Hyper 212x
MOBO - ASUS z170-K
RAM - Kingston HyperX DDR4 8GB - x2
PSU - Seasonic S12 II Bronze 620W
Cabinet - Cooler Master Masterbox 5
SSD - Samsung 850 EVO 120GB
HDD - WD Caviar Black
GPU - Zotac GTX 1070 AMP
Monitor - Benq BL2420PT

GPU and Monitor I will buy next month(November), everything else I will buy this weekend(hopefullly). If you think some better changes can be made then please suggest them. Also I want to thank everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for taking out time and helping a complete noob.
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