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The closest thing to gaming coverage on Indian TV is GamerTV, even those guys are just Mario & Nintendo groupies. Gen-e on CNBC is alright, but is too buiness specific. I wish we had TechTV, like they do in the middle east.


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well the show format sucked.
the host did toooo much talking,

they concentrated on extra junk rathar than the game

the preveiw map the showed, showed only the locations of c and ct. they should have shown the routes and strategies also,

Also the graphics telecasted sucked.
In fact they should have chiosen a different game to show on tv,counterstrike is aging.they should have choosen americas army 2.4 or call of duty.

plus they should have changed the rule, the looser of one round should have been asked to pick a person to take out from the winning team so the winning team played at a disadvantage of one player so that the loosing team had a chance to win atleast.


I would say since this is the first time something like this has been started ,we can give them sOme credit.I think if we give them some time the show and the rules might improve.
u can give them credit for starting the show


u have to blame them for:
1) choosing a crappy host like whatshisname
2) keeping that wierd eliminiation rule(must have thought it would spice things up),
3) gamers having to wear makeup!(its bad enough they have to sit in some set that looks like the ruined city of atlantis)

starONE should send their whole production team to GAMER.tv and see how thise guys televise tournaments(would help if they went to WCG or CPL!)


man it sucks.....only counterstrike...
i thought...it wuld rewiew something.....
some playing...of diff games...
but alas.....


but does any one know how to enter in that show to participate?


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i finally saw an episode ..... oh man .. even the 8 year old boy next to my house can play cs better ... .... they should try something simpler and easy in that show like addition ...


Maybe if they had a different format and more interesting and different games every time around!! seeing that same old thing again and again and then the host who could not have been any worse..........going on and on in the same irritating manner.................please start a petition to get it off AIR.


Hmm.. checked out the show recently.

All I've got to say is it "SUCKS"

I am a huge Counter Strike fan and my heart aches to see such a game being displayed in this crappy format to a common TV viewer.

I really don't understand why the hell the gamers had to wear all that crappy clothes with damned make-up.

What gamers need is a soothing and comfortable environment to concentrate instead of a crappy set with a century old looks on it.

Gamers must be getting really frustated there and no wonder they show such bad performance.

Why the f*** did they choose Rahul Dev as host. It was a Gaming show and not some terrorist venture.

The way this game was presented wil give real bad impression about gamin in the minds of parents.

I really do detest this show and hope this show gives huge losses to the owner and he is compelled to stop it.

And if they would have tried other games like Half life 2 and Doom 3 may be the game could have seen little success


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@chimay , Doom3 mutiplayer has nothing outstanding but sure is eye candy , they shud have chosen ut2004 , it has difftent varity of modes to enjoy. cs has gone old atleast for a tv show , they shud have chosen cs:source to make it more intrestind,

but(yawn) the presentation is so dull that i doubt that inclusion any of the new games will help the show.


Well if we look at it this way. At least they are coming up with these kind/genre's of shows. In time they ill get better i guess. The person who produces the show probably does not game himself and that is why he seems to be losing out.


well it is too boring.. n after watching one show i did not have the courage to tune in another.. rather they should have given previews of recently launched games in india
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