[Want to Buy] Gamepad (with vibration) for PC


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looking for a redgear wireless gamepad or similar one to be used with laptop. wireless is preferred though wired would also do, but it must have rumble/vibration. ideally looking for offering(s) under 1k as had recently purchased a redgear wireless one for 800/- from forum.

let me know...



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Try this: *www.logitechg.com/en-us/products/gamepads/f710-wireless-gamepad.940-000117.html

I personally haven't used this, but I own a Logitech F310, which is the same design as this but minus the vibration and it's not wireless. I think this should fit your needs.

Edit: I see that you are looking within a budget of 1k, but I doubt you will get any good ones in that. At least have a budget ~1500+ to get ones that will last.
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