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Cool Joe

The Black Waltz
i am tired of playin all the hi fi games with realistic graphics. now im currently addicted to 2 oooooold CLASSIC DOS games! dangerous dave and skyroads. im not jokin believe it! these 2 games were made in the 90s. go to
its a place with over 200 old dos games including the original DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D. u can also get dave and skyroads from there. if u r too lazy to dig deep, ask for hte download links. ill provide them.


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^^hey buddy play Grim Fandango
You will feel much better than sh!tty all graphics + gameplay - no story - no setting games.

I just completed first year in Grim Fandango, oh man its an art. How content rich dialogs and acting. Bloody good music.
It reminds me of good games like Mafia, RTWC etc.


I did it all for d n00ki3
Call of Duty 2 Multiplayer for the last 1 year or so.

Tetris & Zuma on me cellphone!


Broken In

Its the game im playing the most right now....

on my pc:-
1.Mass effect
2.Devil may cry 4
3.World of warcraft(on wowfusion)
4.Universe at war


Devil may Cry 4.
Ultra Cool Stylish game.Lots of combos and superb graphics.
Lacks story and also the controls are the worst
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