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Broken In

hi all, i am playing cod mw. i have facing problem in a level where their is a time limit.
i have to stop nukes, and i am in a tunnel, lots of enemies are their and i have only
5 min. i tried lot but :oops: it looks very tough to get in side the control room after the tunnel i went their twice but my time was over so any suggestion
Btw is this level is last level?:sad:

quan chi

mortal kombat
krow please delete that quote of mine.i dont want to use such things against anyone here.but since it was too much thats why i posted it.


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^^ Don't know ( don't discuss about ripped verions of games in here :p )
As I have the Fallout 3 Games of the year edition which comes with the all expansion packs on a separate DVD. Actually got from a friend :p

Just discovered Arefu in fallout 3 and before that rescued shorty and red from the Police HQ. Completed ( before that completed the super duper mart quest ) the minefield quest of Moira though I had not still returned to her

as I have to deliver the the letter from a girl in Megaton to her family in Arefu but found all of them are dead. So talked with the sheriff and added the quest to find that girl's brother and to deliver the letter to him ( the name could be Ian ). When Getting out of Arefu just saw a merchant and today I will deal with him :p
A friendly advice to you, the game has 4 merchants among which 2 of them are extremely useful as investing cash to them allows you to collect rare items(ammos and stuff) from them, they usually get attacked by powerful creatures and killed after you reached around lvl 10, its a great loss, you can't save them, if the merchant is near you(but you can't see him) and meets random enemy spawn area they are killed as they have low protection and fighting power, so its best to make them immortal by using console commands, This may look like cheating but trust me its not, there's no way for you to protect them. If you're interested post ack, i'll PM you the instructions, and once they are dead you can't revive them even with console commands.

quan chi

mortal kombat
Welcome. :)

Check it now! Hope Mr. Shang Tsung is happy now! :-x

thank you.pls dont get angry.dosent it really feels bad if you say same thing again and again in differnt type to the same person.

anyways your second option is always there .:wink:


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@ tkin - thanks for your suggestions. It would be great if you can PM me the instructions. I will keep it for future use.

So far I've met with Three traders. One When getting out of the megaton for the 1st time. 2nd - Outside of super duper mart and The third one At Arefu and so far none of them was terminated :p

BTW, escorted Red and shorty safely to Bigtown. Before that Killed all raiders in a scholl (* for got the name ). Enetered in the red clinics and healed a guy. When I got out there was super mutants all over. Killed them but I was not able to save Red. Though saved puppy, bittercup, the sherrif, another lady with a gun and the guy I healed. Got out from there and Killed two super mutants one of which has a rocket launcher. Discovered the open cinema ( forgot the name agin ). Got into Hamilton's hideway and Killed all those scorpions and a lady raider. There was a gate there but I cannont find the key anyway :p

Will try harder today for sure :p


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Reached sequence 8 in Assassin's Creed II and got to fly Leonardo's flying machine. I can't remember playing a game for 6 hours at a stretch in such a long time. The combat skills in this game is far superior to the first one. It may look the same, but the variation in each weapons combo is different.

Also playing Ninja Blade on the PC. Fans of the hack-en-slash genre would love this game. It's a heavily watered down version of Ninja Gaiden II. Once deemed a 360 exclusive, is now out for the PC too. Highly recommended to be played with a 360 controller, as the amount of QTE (quick time events) in this game are insane. So you'll probably be better off with a controller, rather than mouse and keyboard.


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THIS, ain't...Phuc it! I just asked any news on CoD7 & ACIII. The "other guys" would've answered me, not in this "godforsaken forum" :wink:.

BTW Krow, thanks for ye'r tip!
^Huh! Was a fight going on here while i was gone??:shock:

BTW, Got Borderlands. Any one up for co-op find me on xfire at 5 pm to 6 pm today.
I'm at level 3 so please have something easy:D


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I just tried going online right now and found out that I need the latest patch to be applied. I guess will have to update it now. Anyway, I'll add you to my list. Sent Cyborg an invitation. Guys gets the latest patch to play online.
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