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Hi among the two - Geforce 6600 256 MB or 6600GT 128 MB, which one is bound to last longer...i.e, like allow me to play newer games longer...?which is more important - clock speed or video memory?

also how much is a leadtek 6600GT 256 MB cost? :cry: its probably over my budget, but still, how much does it cost?i'm talking abt AGP, mind...



I've Seen many reviews of XFX 6600 256 DDR2 and i was really impressed if u overclock it, it will run as good as a 6600GT ,,, so i feel going in for a 6600 is better than 6600GT as 6600 is almost 3-4K cheaper than 6600GT(this is the PCI-e Card rates i have no idea bout howmuch AGP cards will cost),,,
and i think CLock speed is more important than Video memory(correct me if i am wrong)


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yup clock speed is more important than Memory. A lot of games out there do not even use the available 256 megs of memory save a few of the high end games.

Altho cryptid's suggestions are valid, I would still reccomend the 6600GT simply because it OC's even better. It comes in close to performance to the 6800 series if OCed and its very stable. I would reccomend the 6600GT neday.
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