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Future of mobile computing?


Wise Old Owl
I wanted to know what you people here at TDF think about the future of mobile computing in the next 2 - 3 years.... Feel free to post about beyond your wildest imagination but give a reason why you think so.... :D

Its going to be a lively discussion....... :cool:


Broken In
I think systems will keep evolving. You can never know where they might take you, but I think Android,WP and iOS will reach new heights.
-3D handsets will be quite common
-There will be more players in the market
-OSs focused on specific features can also evolve as variants
-Mobile Computing Industry will be BIG
-Social Networks focused on mobile will be the new thing
-3G rates in India will drop. THEY SHOULD!
-Cut throat competition between Google,Microsoft and Apple will be there which implies a lot of lawsuits!!
-Nokia will focus only on WP and will say a final goodbye to Symbian
-Blackberry market share will fall heavily, it already has. It might become non existant
-I think Android is going to be the leader out of the three in the next 3 years


In the Zone
Everybody will have "Neck pain".

Also more people are gonna need glasses because they are gonna ruin their eye sight staring at those small screens all day. :D

BUt looking at the trend of manufacturers churning out devices with huge screens, I think smartphones with 10+ inch screens will become a norm in next 3 years
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Sith Lord
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all data in cloud
the devices will become even more important, will eat up credit cards, i-cards, bus passes, supermarket invoices, license and other documents... more integrated into the system

donno about size, right now it looks as if people are using netbook sized phones, but sooner or later the pixel densities will be enough to offer comfortable viewing on even smaller screens than we see today... back to the candybar sized devices


Geek in making
I am still looking for a project FI type of service in India with coverage from project Loom. I want internet everywhere every time.
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