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FS Quick Samsung Dvd Writer SH-S203 [sata dvd writer]

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It's a Sata DVD writer about 1.2 years old.[warranty expired]

Writer is in excellent condition and no burning/Reading/Tray issue.
Have hardly burnt 50-75 dvds .
Will Give 1 week Test warranty.

Anywhere in INDIA R.s 850 [incl Shipping]

**Payment via HDFC Bank Transfer only.

Give me a PM or post here ....

PS: Don't crap the thread about New price or Post on Other forum.
If you want Pm else move on...

Thanks no offense

Consider offer gone by 10 hours of post .It has to be Quick sale or no sale lolzzz


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I couldn't help finding this funny:

OP wanted a quick sale and put a time limit of 10 hours.
Someone replied 73 hrs later with advice to reduce the price.

OP reported sale and requested closure of thread
Almost 2 full years later, someone else is still asking him to reduce the price.


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Pimpom, this forum is full of hilarious stuff like that. My favourite is:

One day: I'm selling this thing for Rs. 10000/-

Next day: That's too high, please lower the price.

The week after: Sold for Rs. 9000/-

One year later: Okay, I will buy for Rs. 5000/- done
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