FS: Leadtek 6600LE AGP 8X + 1 Original Game

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As the topic suggests - for Sale a used Leadtek Winfast 6600LE AGP 8X 256MB Card - with Prince of Persia Warrior Within OR Vietcong 2 OR GUN

This is the card that I am referring to -

Decent card, decent performance, sparsely used, about 2+ years warranty left. Original Box Packing, CD's and Cables intact.

Expected Price - Rs. 2,500

Sale open only to People in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane.

If you are interested PM me or reply here.
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Kishore Kumar

Right off the assembly line
Iam ready to buy it for rs 1500/-. If you are interested please PM me
Iam ready to purchase for Rs 1500/- without game CD. If you re interested Please PM me
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