[FS]7600GT (AGP+PCIe compatible)

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I have a year and half old ASUS EN7600GT. Its specs are as follows;

  1. 256 MB GDDR3 RAM
  2. G73GT GPU
  3. 90nm Technology
  4. ROPs count=12
  5. Shaders- 12 Pixel/5Vertex(SM 3.0 support)
  6. Bus Width- 128-bit
  7. Bandwidth-24.1GB/s
  8. Default Core Clock- 560MHz
  9. Default Memory Clock- 700MHz
Currently it has been OCed to 600MHz of GPU clock and 750MHz of Memory Clock, using Riva Tuner 2.0 It is running on its stock cooler and this much OCing has no effect on its Temperature or Stability.
Reason For Sale- Need dough to upgrade to HD4670.
The package includes:

  1. Driver + Utilities CD
  2. Manual CD
  3. DVI-to-VGA Pin
  4. S-Video(male)-to-Component(female) Pin.
Warranty Card and Copy Of Bill will be supplemented. Card is under 3 year warranty.
Free Shipping All Over India.
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