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free software to extract mp3's from videos(.dat etc)

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what is the free software which can be used to extract mp3's from all types of videos (normally .dat), where to find it


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Hmmm.. VCD Cutter isnt freeware ..
You can do that in Virtual Dub .. Open the file in VirtualDub and mark the area you wish to extract .. Then File > Save Wav .. You can then change the Wav file to Mp3 quite easily ..
no doubt u can do it in vcd cutter but exact mp3 length cannot be figured out. u ve to first cut the video upto which u want the mp3.so u can do it in winamp itself but the cut music will be in wav format. but never mind u can convert it into mp3 in db power amp converter later on . to do this go for the music plug in output inside winamp and change the plug in to Null soft . close it play the desired movie file . u cannot hear any sound but music is being stored in c drive . so to cut music preferentially ,forward the movie in pause and play when to start and stop. to play back in winamp again change the plug in in output to direct sound . convert the wav file to mp3.




dont psot two times

and vcd cutter is not free


one more thing

your process is long and its not worthy to try

the best would be to use a freeware like virtualdub
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