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    Rules Last Updated On January 26, 2012

    By registering on this forum, you agree to adhere to the following rules:

    Please note:

    If you receive an error saying that you are not allowed to post, please make sure you have verified your email address by clicking on the link that is in the welcome mail sent to you after your registration. First 3 posts of every new member are manually moderated. New members will not be given immediate Bazaar access unless they meet the criteria.

    For further information, kindly read the following topic in addition to the forum rules mentioned here.

    * Before starting a thread, use the Search feature and read all the Sticky threads.

    Before posting a new topic or asking for help on anything, search the forum to see if the topic already exists. There's no point in having two threads running for the same purpose. Members are expected not to repeat topics which are already under discussion in the same section. Sticky threads on top are a must read for every new member as they contain all the basic queries answered and guidelines on how to ask questions in each section.

    * No plagiarism.

    Plagiarism is to be avoided at all costs and the original source must always be credited. If members are found violating this rule, their accounts will be deleted.
    Note: Sources for content must be original sources (news sites, forums etc.). Please do not cite your personal blogs as sources if you haven't written the content yourself.
    Note #2: If you are caught plagiarising or reproducing someone else's post in as your own without sourcing or informing the poster priorly, action will be taken against you.

    * Post in the appropriate sections.

    Not all members visit all the sections. People hang out in sections they usually like more or are more accustomed to. Thus, to get proper help for your problem make sure your thread is in the appropriate section. Read the description of each section properly on the Forum Index Page before starting to post.

    * Replies.

    Tiny replies and replies such as "I agree," "Yes," "Cool," etc. and multiple "thanks" will not be tolerated, and can be deleted without notice at the discretion of the moderators. We have enforced a minimum character rule to prevent such replies, so make sure your messages meet the criteria. Unnecessary chit-chatting in hardware threads will lead to posts being deleted and infractions. Avoid making multiple "small" posts to convey your point. Be concise in your posts. Posting replies just for the sake of posting and beefing up your post count will lead to bans. Remember, quality matters more than quantity. Avoid asking unrelated questions and doubts in someone else's threads as this leads to confusion for the OP. Thread hijacking will be dealt seriously. Do your research before posting replies.

    Usage of SMS slang language to be avoided and will be dealt strictly. example, "Y" "ryt" "4" etc.

    * No posts related to anything that can be considered illegal.

    Do not post/link to anything related to punishable hacking / warez / cracks / pornography, etc. Piracy, and anything related to it is not allowed on this forum. Exchange / sale of pirated software / music / games / movies, etc., is forbidden.

    * No scamming / spamming / advertising.

    This forum is not a marketing / money making tool! No Pyramid schemes, chain letters, spam, affliate links or advertising of Web sites/products will be entertained here. This applies to forum posts and the inbox of our members. Please use the report post method to remove such pests. Promotional offers outside the Bazaar zone will be evaluated on an individual basis, and it is the Administrator's discretion to remove such posts. Links to websites other than personal home pages, blogs and content sites in the signature will also be considered advertising. ThinkDigit has a very strict policy against spam. New users found spamming will be permanently banned or deleted INSTANTLY. No warnings and questions asked whatsoever.

    * Spamming / advertising via the private messaging (PM) system

    If you receive PMs from other users asking you to join their forums, or unnecessary abusive PMs, either report the message or forward it to the moderators. If you don't see a response, message your site admin: Raaabo or ico.

    Those caught spamming in private messages or harassing others in private messages will be banned.

    * No controversial / sensitive topics and posts.

    Such topics — i.e.: competitor magazines, politics, racism, etc., — lead to heated arguments, and are considered detrimental to this forum’s purpose if people don't keep their head cool. If you still choose to start a controversial topic, do it in a proper way with all facts properly stated. Being a nuisance and trying to disturb the decorum of the forum will lead to banning.

    * Multiple Posts.

    Multiple posts are to be avoided at all costs. Multiple posts in the same section, or across multiple sections, will not be tolerated.

    * Use the report button - [​IMG]

    If you see any of the above rules being violated, report the offending post by clicking on the [​IMG] button which can be found on the left of each post, under the name of the person who made the post. Using the report button is much better than sending a message to one moderator. When you press the report button, each moderator gets notified. If you choose to PM a moderator, only that particular moderator gets notified. If you post "HEY MODS!!1 Please take action!" in a thread, then nobody gets notified. So, please use the report button.

    * Bazaar section.

    Only people who have a minimum post count of 10 and have been members for quite some time will be given Bazaar access. The Bazaar section has its own rules which can be accessed here.

    Buy / Sell / Trade at your own risk. It is important to understand that ThinkDigit forum is nothing more than a communication platform. We hold no responsibilty for any bad deal or fraud.

    * Post Titles.

    For quick responses to your queries, please coin the topic of your post properly. "HELLLPPPP MEEEE" or "S.O.S." or "in trouble" or "how to" just doesn't get the right attention. In fact, in most cases, it prevents people from even visiting the thread. Explain briefly what the problem is, and then give as many details as possible in the post. This is limited to about 100 characters, so be brief yet descriptive.

    * Signatures.

    Signatures should not contain offensive language, or poke fun at others. HTML and BB code are disabled for new members, so trying to add URLs or images in your signatures is pointless. For Active members, only Basic BB code is enabled excluding the Colour code. Make sure that your signature is not huge and doesn't cause any sort of clutter. Moderators will edit signatures if necessary.

    * Imposting and impersonation.

    Imposting and impersonation is not allowed and a bannable offense. If you work for a company and want to sort out support related queries in the forum or want suggestions, you are most welcome. Kindly make sure of the fact that you inform the super moderators beforehand. They'll try to perform a crosscheck if you haven't given a solid proof. Also, advertising by company reps is not allowed as this is a forum community. Not an advertising medium.

    * No multiple accounts.

    Multiple accounts with the intent of spamming or circumventing a temporary/permenant ban, is NOT allowed. This is going to lead to an immediate permanent or a long term ban. No questions asked.

    * Rules Change.

    The rules will change from time to time as we add in new rules when people find loop holes in the older ones. We suggest you check this link at least once a month for any updates, in order to ensure that you are abiding by this forum's rules.

    It is also worth pointing out that what has been been written above is just a framework, not an absolute set of rules. Moderators reserve the right to take action against anything inappropriate which has not been outlined above. It is also important to understand two things:

    1) One doesn't have to be a dedicated follower of rules to be a good member. We all love arguments and debates. It adds colour to our forum.
    2) One can come across as a huge troublemaker without breaking any rule.

    You must respect forum moderators and are bound to follow their directions and instructions.

    Your community administrator is ico.

    To interact with Raaabo, use this thread.
    To report any bugs that you experience when browsing the forum, report it to Raaabo by clicking here.

    The current member moderators for this forum are:

    If you have any question regarding the forum and moderation, feel free to private message the moderators. We won't be notifying people for every little moderator activity as we believe that our members will be able to find an answer by themselves or in the above guidelines.


    Rules: Members are requested to share news that they read online or offline here. What’s most important is that the source for all news be mentioned at the beginning or end of a post.
    Important: Members MUST provide a link to an article’s source, or provide details of the source (if taken from a newspaper or TV channel), for all content. Plagiarism will result in bans.

    Rules: Refrain from posting anything that could cause a flame war or fight, or be construed as lewd or unbecoming by other members. Anything related to IT should be posted in the other sections.

    Rules: Read what others have demanded. There may be a call for demands of a specific nature.
    Rules: Be Civil.

    Rules: Read every STICKY thread in each section before posting and asking any query. If threads by new members are not conforming to the guidelines of each section, they will not be approved and will be deleted without any message.

    Rules: The operative words here are second-hand. This is not a substitute for e-bay, and companies trying to sell their wares to members will be banned. Users are requested to report companies who try and do this. If there's something you need, you can also post that here. Selling of services subject to moderator approval. Please read the Bazaar rules before posting. New members will not be given immediate Bazaar access.

    Rules: NO PLAGARISM TOLERATED. If you post someone else's review as your own you will be banned.

    Rules: NO PLAGARISM TOLERATED. If you post someone else's review as your own you will be banned.

    Rules: Nothing related to piracy should be discussed. Only "good faith" discussions will be allowed.

    Tip: Inform the moderators when you are done with the draft and you want their inputs / editing.

    Info: General discussions about anything that doesn't fit into the other sections to be had here. Sub-forums for posts related to your Lifestyle, Automobiles and Games also exist. Rules are much relaxed if you are posting here. :)

    Rules: Argue till you're blue in the face, but NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. For example, it's OK to disagree with the person and give your reasoning, but calling him an idiot or a moron is not allowed. Use of flowery language that says the exact same things in a not-so-offensive manner might be permitted from time to time, providing there's humour in the post. For example, saying "Pardon me, but I think the logic used in your last post was akin to the brain activity that scientists assume the neanderthal's great grand-daddies had when they were knocked silly with a wooden club" might be allowed, but "You're stupid, and have no logic" might not be...
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