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for all peole having vista beta 2 ultimate..

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i had installed vista beta 2 ultimate 5384.4 ..using a key i got from some one else..but after installation i can not activate because the key has been used more than 10 times..so i need someone who can share there vista keys with me.it shud be beta 2 ultimate ..there must be someone who must have not installed ..or not liked it may be even ..installed only one times..and i suppose a key can be used upto 10 times for windows vista..so please and please help me..i will be very grateful to u..and will never forget u whole my life..

thanks to kalpik..i ve got it ..thank u very very very much ..kalpik...i will never forget u..!!
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No problem go_gamez! Just dont do a LOT of installs with that key.. Cuz its my private key hehe..
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