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firmware upgrade ?

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Broken In
hi there.

how can i update the firmware of Huawei SmartAX MT882 , i googled it , and found that it can be done via tftp, I want to know how to do it . also i have downloaded the firmware(s) as they were posted on digit forum. But they dont seem to work. the files are in .bin format and when i rename it to xDSL , they dont work as well.

i dont know how to have a firmware upgrade via tftp , but when i do it via using Huawei webpage , it says , Invalid Upgrade File !!.

Please help me , i have upgraded the firmware once ( via the webpage ) but accidentally i have used the files for MT880 , now my model number has changed to MT880 . please help me to revert back to my MT882.

I will be thankful to you ever , digit forum is my last option . please help me.

please also notify me , if i have posted it in the wrong section of the forum.

Not open for further replies.
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