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Firefox 3 problem

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i am having three problems with Firefox 3.

whenever i open the browser, i get a message window saying "Trying to load non-local URI". only on clicking next or closing the message box i can go to the main Firefox window.

second problem is when i am offline. when i get into Firefox (after that stupid message box), i can see this link:
however, when i am online i directly get
which is set as my homepage. i think that the second problem is created because of the Megaupload manager/toolbar which i downloaded recently though i am not sure about this.

and now the last problem. whenever i am watching any divx video (embedded) full-screen Firefox just hangs (ditto for IE 7, Opera and Safari), though it works fine in windowed mode, and i have to restart the browser all over again. fyi, i am using vista ultimate.

help guys, this just irritates me to no end ::irritated::
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Did you check your pc for Viruses?

and i am not able to understand a single word from your post, please post with proper formatting


Try uninstalling the megaupload toolbar, it can cause this problem.

You should also reset your user agent string.
Type about:config into the location bar and press enter. This brings up a list of preferences. Enter general.useragent into the filter box, this should show a few preferences (probably 4 of them). If any have the status user set, right-click on the preference and choose Reset


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To remove "TRYING TO LOAD A NON-LOCAL URI" message:
1) click on "tools" in your firefox brower
2)click "Add-ons"
3) click "disable" megaupload toolbar
4)close firefox and restart it
This method doesn't have to un-install the megaupload toolbar. You can always enable this toolbar when you need it.
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