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Hi Guys

I am a engineering student in bangalore. I have some free time now and i wanted help from you guys in making some pocket money. I tried web hosting and got a cheque from google but i am looking for some other avenue bcoz setting up website and requires some time......I just went through various threads in the forum. saw a few posts about ICICIDirect, Freelancing.

I have some basic knowlege about C/C++
I can build some basic applications with ADO.NET and Visual Studio.
Any kind of dataentry / or other job which consumes 2-3 hrs a day is affordable.
Investments upto Rs 1000 is fine by me.

My Engineering is quite expensive and i dont want to burden my parents by asking for pockent money. So if any of you could suggest any ways it will really help.....



c since u r an engg student, i am assumin dat u r lookin 4 a tec job, but d prob wit dat is dat is dat 2-3 hrs is 2 less 4 dat.

durin my SE-TE holz i worked in family friend's SSI, wer i was given d job of setting up jobs 4 d CNC m/cs. Got paid 1200 4 dat 1 month work [besides free lunch and lift everyday in uncle's car]. but d exp waz AMAZING

u cud try 4 data-entry jobs [tho by no means tec]
if u want non-tec jobs u must get hold of sum arty or commy friends [dey like d bible of such jobs]
if u cud devote sum more time 4 dis der may have been sumthi, but knowing wat engg studies is like i kno dat it is by no means possible 2 devote more time w/o torchin ur engg studies

so i guess u must do sum non-tec jobs durin sem and durin hols u cud do sum job dat involves ur engg skills

BTW wrong thread REPORTIN
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