Finally the beast Samsung S3 is released


Well the specs can be seen here at gsmarena.
It has got a 4.8" display, well thats huge but the size of the phone is similar to S2, but the display is just HD and not full HD and also it is Super AMOLED but is better than that of the S2.
It has got a huge battery i.e. 2100mAh.
One drawback (which already many of us was expecting also) is that it uses a Micro Sim.
It will be available in 3 versions i.e. 16,32 and 64GB internal memory and will have an option to expand the memory by adding a memory card of upto 64GB, well thats nice.
One nice feature to which I am really looking forward to is the eye tracking switches which turns on and off the display depending on whether the phone sees us looking at it (Samsung calls this Smart Stay, thats something pretty cool.And there is also something similar to Siri which they S Voice.
Apart from that one other thing one another amazing thing is Pop-up Play that allows us to move the video player into a small floating window and continue watching while using another app, hmmm thats something I call an important and an innovative feature
And obviously it has Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 which was expected and Mali-400MP GPU.
The colors available are Pebble Blue(which is kind of similar to black) and White.
The camera is old, not much improvements are done on that part.
Now lets come to main part, its international version will be released on 29th May so hopefully it is not gonna arrive here in India before Mid June, so guys who were eagerly waiting for it have to wait a lil more or can have the other options which are available, specially they can look forward to HTC One X which I think is better than this.


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Many disappointed cause they expect good bezel free design and non plastic.

But benchmark tops. Exynos on top Quad core tegra 3

Lets see how review goes


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Samsung launches Galaxy S3, coming to India within weeks

Hi All

Samsung on Thursday unveiled Galaxy S3, its next-generation Androidsmartphone, at an event in London. The phone is powered by Exynos 4212, a quad-core processor running at 1.4GHz. It is expected to become available in Indian in the coming weeks.

The phone has a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 720P, 1GB RAM, 16/23GB storage with a slot for microSD card, 8MP camera with burst mode, zero shutter lag and backlit sensor, 2,100mAh battery, Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth. The phone weighs 133 grams and has a thickness of 8.6mm.

One of the unique features in Galaxy S3 is its ability to track the eye movement of the user. Samsung calls the feature SmartStay and claims it will make using Galaxy S3 more intuitive. The phone also has S Voice, a feature similar to Siri on iPhone, that will help users in doing several tasks through voice commands.

Galaxy S3 runs on Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung launches Galaxy S3, coming to India within weeks - The Times of India
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well I was waiting for this mobile, As I want to buy top notch mobile.. Design is not so good. I like corners and edge it give rough look but any how I don't care much about design if specs are good. but IMO it is going launch at around 40K damn expensive... will see what to do


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Galaxy s3

Samsung Electronics unveiled a new top-of-the-range Galaxy smartphone in London on Thursday, updating the most direct rival to Apple's iPhone with a larger touch screen and more powerful processor.

The South Korean technology group, which overtook Finnish company Nokia as the world's biggest cellphone maker earlier this year, said the new Galaxy SIII model would go on sale in some markets in late May and around the world from June.

Last week, Samsung reported a record $5.2 billion quarterly profit, boosted by Galaxy smartphone range whose sales outstripped the iPhone.

Samsung sold around 45 million smartphones in the first quarter and contributed most of its operating profit.

The new Galaxy SIII model will have a 4.8 inch touch screen, 8 megapixel camera and will use the latest version of Google's

Android software. Analysts said the expected massive marketing campaign and features of the handset - billed as the official smartphone of the London 2012 Olympics - were likely enough to generate strong sales, but the launch left many of them unexcited.

"It is not an eye-catching device that will overwhelm consumers," said IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo.

Samsung Galaxy S3 launch: Samsung unwraps latest Galaxy rival to iPhone - Galaxy S3 - The Economic Times


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Re: Galaxy s3

Whoa..apart from the curves, the rest is all the same. Back is plastic. I don't think there's any point spending so much on a average looking phone. I would buy the Galaxy S2 instead.


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Re: Samsung launches Galaxy S3, coming to India within weeks

Fraaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkk Awsome!


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Re: Samsung launches Galaxy S3, coming to India within weeks

Very ugly phone. Good hardware but poor looks...

HTC One X is the real Android flagship phone of this year...


Re: Samsung launches Galaxy S3, coming to India within weeks

^^ Screw look, focus at the hardware.. I want this phone.. Damn.. :)


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Re: Samsung launches Galaxy S3, coming to India within weeks

If u want to show off ur phone - HTC one x
If u r a extreme user - S3

Well Benchmark speaks


^^ only thing I hate in it is no memory card slot.. I will better wait rather then buying that


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Re: Samsung launches Galaxy S3, coming to India within weeks

Samsung really needs to invest more in its Design department for its next Galaxy, this is simply looks boring.


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somethings i like a lot about this phone.. like smart stay and direct call.. nice but the design sucks.. if one is buying a 40k phone it should at least look like one..:(:(


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doesn't look great. was expecting better button placement. not right at the bottom of the screen. and same button design as its predecessor.

now slimmer & more heavy, this will slip even more thanks to the glossy plastic. And Samsung again destroyed Android with their crappy TouchWiz. Makes the mobile look like a java phone.

Looking at the specs, should be priced under 35k.


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Samsung fails in the design department! Samsung has not been able to deliver designs like SE & HTC do.
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