File Typed Mismatch

Discussion in 'QnA (read only)' started by Maverick340, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. Maverick340

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    Mar 19, 2004
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    [20:29] upsidedown340: umm i went to tools>folder options>files types
    [20:29] upsidedown340: i wanted to change icons..
    [20:29] upsidedown340: but sumhow the "file folder file "type's properties got changed
    [20:30] upsidedown340: now whenever i click a folder under any drive..the search opens up
    [20:30] upsidedown340: what do i do?
    [20:30] FRIEND: which file type ?
    [20:30] upsidedown340: "file folders"
    [20:30] upsidedown340: basically any folder
    [20:31] upsidedown340: under any drive
    [20:31]  FRIEND: wht happens if u click them?
    [20:31] upsidedown340: the search opens up
    [20:32]  FRIEND: u mean search for while program to use?
    [20:32] upsidedown340: what??
    [20:32] upsidedown340: the usual find option...
    [20:32] upsidedown340: thats there in start
    [20:32]  FRIEND: ok
    [20:33]  FRIEND: go to tools>folder option
    [20:33] upsidedown340: ahann
    [20:33] upsidedown340: den
    [20:33]  FRIEND: now filetypes
    [20:33]  FRIEND: select folder 
    [20:33] upsidedown340: next..
    [20:34]  FRIEND: click advanced
    [20:34] upsidedown340: yea exaclty...
    [20:34] upsidedown340: i am not able to locate the standard open command
    [20:34]  FRIEND: now there make open as default
    20:34] upsidedown340: the open cammand is corrupt or somting
    [20:35] upsidedown340: when i click open opens find!
    [20:35]  FRIEND: u dun have any open/explore option there?
    [20:35] upsidedown340: there is..
    [20:35] upsidedown340: but open opens it in a new window!
    [20:35]  FRIEND: who said that
    [20:36]  FRIEND: ill tell u how to open in same window
    [20:36] upsidedown340: how?
    [20:36]  FRIENDi: tools>folder option
    [20:36]  FRIEND: general tab
    [20:36]  FRIEND: browse folders
    [20:36]  FRIEND:  open each folder in same window
    [20:37] upsidedown340: arrey that is set to "open each folder in same window" option only
    [20:37] upsidedown340: i think there is a registry tweak for this..
    [20:37] upsidedown340: i read it somewhere
    Sorry for posting the chat session but this is the best way to explain my problem.
    Please help me ans i cant veiw my folders at all!!
  2. __Virus__

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    Sep 15, 2005
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    Hyderabad wont b seen once search is made default ( happened once on my win2k box)

    If u got XP do a sys restore to a day b4
    if 98 do a registry restore
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