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fifa 06

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hey guys how do u do other freestyles apart from pressing shift and how do u do it with a 6 button joystick(WITHOUT ANALOG).....and wat r the formation things which pop out when i press keys from the num pad.i prefer you all giving me the link for tips and tricks in fifa 06 :wink:


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I am pasting a contents of a file which i downloaded long time back. the source is at the bottom.
the keys shown here are of default configuration

Attacking Keys (when you attack) :
• Press Q+DK to activate player runs.
• Press W+DK for through ball.
• Hold E+DK to run.
• Use A+DK for lob pass/cross (with power meter). Also used to throw in the ball.
• Press S+DK to pass.
• Use D+DK to shoot (with power meter) or to clear the ball if you are in your own half. Hold D, for overhead/voley kick, before the player receives the ball.
• Press Z+DK for dribbling.
• Press C to control the pace or to cancel your last move.
• Use Shift+DK for dribbling/first touch.

Defending Keys:
• Hold Q to call in second defender and for pressing.
• Hold W to make the Goalie come out for the ball (Goalkeaper charge).
• Hold E+DK to run.
• Press A (+DK optional) for sliding tackle.
• Press S to control another player.
• Press D (+DK optional) for conservative tackle/clear the ball.
• Hold C to slow down your player.

Lay-off Shot Keys:
• Press C to call in second player.
• Press S to pass the ball to a close player.
• Press D to shoot the ball (with Power Meter).

Corner Keys:
• Press S to pass the ball to a close player.
• Press A to cross the ball inside the box (with Power Meter) .


Attacking Tip&Tricks:
• When holding Q, press W+DK for lob through ball. You can use this effectively when your receiver is closely marked by an opponent.
• When holding Q, press D+DK for lob shot. This is very useful when you are 1 on 1 with the Goalkeaper, inside the box.
• When holding Q , press S+DK then press S again for 1-2 pass. This is most useful when you are trying to lose an opponent.
• When running, hold C and then press S+DK for trick pass. This way you will disguise you intention. You can use this in the same way for through pass (W+DK), lob pass/cross (A+DK) or shot (D+DK).
• When you are inside de box, receiving a cross, you can press C+D to simulate an overhead/voley kick. This can be extremely useful if you have an unmarked player at the far post and you want to let the ball go to him.
• Before receiving the ball, hold E and press Shift+DK to immideatly kick the ball forward and run after it. You can use first-touch control to accelerate the game or get past defenders. First-touch playing is making the game more faster. If you can control it don’t be afraid to use it.
• When holding E, press Shift to accelerate. You can use this when you are in lots of space, with no opponent standing in front of your player.
• Press Z/Shift+Forward for bicycle dribbling. If you are running (holding on E) this could only work with Z.
• Before receiving a ball, you can press Z+S if you want to let the ball go between the legs, to another player.
• Tap Z+Side Keys for lateral dribbling when running(very effective when the opponent stands in front of you). You should try more combinations of DK+Z or Shift to learn more dribblings (like walking on the ball and so on).
• The most simple way to get past an opponent is the DK dribbling. Don’t forget, when you try this, that you don’t have to run all the time. Try to simulate you are going left (while running slow), then go right and in the same time hold E. You should practice this in order to get it right.

Defending Tips&Tricks:
• You must make a lot of midfield pressing to get the ball from the opponents. When the ball is in the midfield you shouldn’t slide for the ball. You just have to hold Q and to try to deposes your opponent with a conservative tackle.
• When the opponent lobs the ball forward you can press A or S to try making an interception, or press D to clear the ball.
• If you have no other option to stop the opponent attackers then hold W to charge the goalkeaper. Release the key when you think it’s time for him to make a save. You can also hold W to make your goalkeaper catch/clear incoming crosses.
• Use Q key when you are defending. If your marking players (the other players that you can’t control at a moment) are too far from the opponent players hold Q and they will make pressing. This hepls you to act more quickly when an opponent receives the ball.
Used careful, this tip could let the opponent attackers stay off-side.

Corner Tips:
• When you gave away a corner, it’s easy to defend if you know how. Press S until you control the right player, then you should hold on W (to charge the goalkeeper) and press D+DK to clear the ball with a defender.
• Use E key to move your marker faster.
• Don’t forget to change the set pieces. This is very important because some set pieces are more effective (the goalkeapers won’t come out for the ball so often).

DK=Directional Keys (Up, Down, Left, Right)

This Manual was created to help you develop your game play. I hope this is usefull to you. Enjoy playing Fifa 2006!
If you know any tricks or tips, you can send them to me and will make a better manual. Thanks.

by Ionescu Radu (iceboyradu@lycos.com)

© Copyrights
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