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[Feedback] ThinkDigit.com Web site

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Golden Jack

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Surely a new and brighter colour scheme. Something which involves Black. How about something like gamespot.com


Right off the assembly line


Cyborg Agent
Yea i also want cd/dvd archives. Now i wanted to know where digit had given gta:vc mods or not. Man it was so difficult. I went thru 12-15 cds and dvds. Still i didn't find it.

Lord Voldemort

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"The Greatest Tech Magazine's Need"

Hi editor i have been a what to say a fan of your tech magzine since the very first day my father handed me a copy of tis subscription to me.

I am very fortunate to be a reader of this tech magazine as it si faithful in alomst every aspect in anathiing its reader with the swarming world of technology.

It is complete and competent with others in all respects except one which i have eagerly wanted to suggest you to include in your editorial.
The magazine has a highly glorifying knowledge on hardware components of machine and all its related facts and measures. But the one thing that most of its part does not seems in lcuding is anout softwares and programming which is with the main rythm of India and so need to be told and explained with every criss crossing time.Many of other countries tech magzines that i have read have large disusions points and related convelgence of sftwares and programming but digit lacks spirit in this area.

So i would earnestly like to suggest you to hold graded reviews such as top ten softwares reviews for particular field in wich the software gas its application. Discussions of what Users say after use of such softwares, newly launched and exciting softwares etc.
And also on programming side you should implement new dimensions of discussion with the latest Criteria of creation of program,use of platform langusges to devlop the satisfactory programming,Insights of programmer how they do so,also details of newly launched or available books that can help reader understand the new and use old parallels of programming simultaneously and efficiently,and also how to use logics and reasoning in programming and all relevant data and facts about prgramming is what needed to cope up the fullfillment.

But it should not be misunderstand be with my dislikes for digit as these are mere suggestions that i as a reader feel to suggest. But Imust trully say that digit has always been like a tech guru to me and a friend to help me frighten and astonish my friend with my tech knowledge that Ivirtually inherit from Digit.
Thanks to all who are behind this great convergence of knowledge.


Right off the assembly line
Online order for dec 05 extra items

Hallo Rabbo
I feel disappointed by not seeing any link to order extra items in dec issue viz.game and movie dvd on thinkdigit.com. It is very unconvenient to order the things by old offline method. Also can you make arrangemets for online direct banking transaction.
Thank you


Ambassador of Buzz
Few shortcomming in this months magzine(CD/DVD)...

1)It reached me way to late...
2)Loads of ADs...It was like reading Cosmo or sumtin..!
3)Pathetic presentation of the Zero1 awards..not at all user-friendly!!the tennis players on the sides occupied too much of space..(not required)
3)The CD/DVD did not contain very good s/w(u provided better ones about a yr ago..)


Broken In
Digit Booklet.

Digit has been doing excellently for the last one year. The inclusion of booklet was the master stroke. I have liked all the booklets. I would like Digit to give a Booklet on ' Photoshop for Dummies' or something like that where in photo editing is dealt with exclusively in user friendly language. The help menus in the softwares for photo editing take too much for granted.

Another thing I would like to say is that I am a regular subscriber and would have liked to renew for more than one year, had the Digit decided to give discount instead of giving some cheap trinkets alongwith the subscription. 128 MB is too less a capacity for pendrive when 512 MB/1GB is the norm. And whoever heard of a 640*480 pixel camera being called a digital camera. Gimme a break Digit! Even regular webcams are doing better these days. All in all, it is the least attractive subscription offer till date for Digit. So this year I have renewed my subscription for only one year, hoping that next time I will get a smarter subscription offer.

For the rest , Digit is doing great.

Balan K

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Here i would like to bring my bad experiances with DIGIT websites

1. In the magazene link for DIGIT PATRON is printed as
. but actually the link has been changed to
. this has happened long time back and still they have not updated in the magazene.

2. when i visited
and clicked at the link SUBSCRIBE which is at the bottom most row, it points to
. but actually a page with
opens and gives a link to download subscription form as
which says valid till sept 2005. Is this the way to keep the website with latest info. Is this the way they develope and maintain the site. So don't claim that you are uptodate.

piyush gupta

Cyborg Agent
A new Forum

Don't we have form discussing topics on security purely on Network security PC security like White Hats hacking preventions

a forum discussing career oportunity

think about it and only think digit


Right off the assembly line
Have a little competition : Let the members have a crack at designing the new web site of ThinkDigit.com

As far as content goes, YOU'll are the numero uno as far computer/tech related magazines goes in India and I think you'll should show that in your web site too. Also maybe some of the digit staff could write blogs (even M$ and Sun employees are doing it...).

Also let selected members of the forum to maybe contribute articles/reviews on the site and publish the best every month in the magazine :)


Broken In
awesome idea!!
white hat competitions
programmer resources
downloads section plzzzzzz
cd/dvd archive search
digit team blogs
member articles
digit chat :D
old issues for download (plzzzzzzz )
and please suggesttion for digit mag.........ads kam karo yaar.........femina aur cosmo mein usse kam ads hoti hain

and please include some real tech articles like the one on lord of the code........
some articles on linux...........their content is miniscule

and/or u can post articles on linux on the website and

post detailed test reviews on the website


Let the music play.....
Ok now this is something I have been seeing for 3-6 days on the forum. After any user logs on to the forum then the username appears on the left hand side upper corner. So then this means that a certain user is browsing the site. But then still we can see the log in box under the banner advertisement. Raaabo or whoever else is responsible for the forum pls look into this matter might be a case of overlooked settings but just thought that as a member I must bring it to your attention thats all. Thanks.


Advertisement banners

Dated the 26th of December,2005.
Umm..........the Skoar gaming contest advertisement banners still appear inspite of that event having ended :?
Please look into the same.
Yours faithfully,

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
Whenever I login the forum, the username & password boxes r still there in Forum index page!

Its very strange!!!

I'm attaching a screenshot:



Commander in Chief
@vishal - a fella started a thread regardin that and Deep said the bug will be ironed out.. also some ppl are unable to log-out also... :(
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