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[FEEDBACK] New Thinkdigit Website

What do you think of the all new ThinkDigit.com?

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!! RecuZant By Birth !!
Any H@Ck3r ready to deface thinkdigit.com forever coz of this stinky/SH!TY theme will get a cold free beer from me..

any one intersted ???


Broken In
Site is suppose to be made for users :lol: where as basic Idea of this site developers seems to be pleasing them self :lol:

Too much ads, Forum is really loosing value as most of the regular seems to be stopping activity :( ohh, once again, too much ads !!!


These guys only know criticise other companies,products and websites through their magazine.Nobody is perfect.We all make mistakes.But these goddamn admins are not yet ready to correct the mistakes even after the whole of the members requesting.

At least he could have posted an apology or comment to ensure that he is hearing us.


geek on a roll
the site is indded pretty good :p.......but the colour theme of red might be chaged...at least the forum's cool blue look should be retained :cool:


Wise Old Owl
please bring back the old theme ( kirish ) for the forum . i know there are workarounds in the tut section but i would like it back officially.


Cyborg Agent
Even after all these noise, admins, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

I am using user script in opera to get rid of red. Consequently you (thinkdigit) are loosing the ads and the links back to home page and other columns. I just want you to remove the glaring red color.


The Devil's Advocate
could u also restrict the spammer to post only a few articles, why the hell are you screwing the forums so much?


हॉर्न ओके प्लीज़
@9dot9: Do you realize that you must hire better web designers. Bad to day, but its a open knowledge that they are fooling you right on your face.


Super Moderator
Staff member
could u also restrict the spammer to post only a few articles, why the hell are you screwing the forums so much?
Yeah....that NewsBytes bot keeps on flooding the Technology News section and there is practically no discussion on his threads.....More than 70% of the threads started by NewsBytes (duplicated articles from the website) have ZERO posts......

If you want to have those articles on the website, then we've no problem but we don't want those unnecessary threads in the Technology News section.......
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