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[Feedback] March 2005 Digit DVD/Digit Magazine

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Ninja Jedi
It's feedback time!

BTW: just closed the April DVD, should i post the preview? should i wait? post? wait? post? wait? hmm... :twisted:


Another Brick in the Wall
Plz post! i am eager to know the contents...

I liked the 200 pages book thing and looking for more such books.

As usuall i liked agent001 article, cell phone jewel thing and i noticed the 9500 (30 days with it) and my review was similar :) .Did u guys see my reviews? :twisted:

I would rate: 6/10



the fast track was good. Although you put some blank pages to make it upto 200pages, i liked it.
One funny thing I noted was about converting B&W images to colour. The tutorial was good but both the images printed were B&W.
The OLD WAY TECH WAY was stupid, as i would say. just 5 minutes of difference.
GTA 1 & 2 have gone into my GTA collection. Only after playing those games, i understood y GTA 3 created a revolution and became the game of the year.
great softwares
nice work
keep it up

and plz post the APR preview
Eh Kya??? Raaabo said that the [Preview] thread was the [Feedback] thread!!!

Difference of opinion??? :!:

Liked the Fast track but sadly it was entirely in B/W.Whoever heard of a
Photography mag in B/W??

Mobile tools was good.It covered all aspects-Laptops,Mobiles,PDA's,Accessories
Only things missing were the Carry-Cases & Leather Bags :p

Goof-Up:In the Hot n Not,Broadband was mentioned to be Hot but Apple was
given in the write-up :roll:


In the zone
So here is my suggestions:

Where is the PDF versions of digits?
Fast Track is Good & neatly oragnized. but the paper quality is really poor. I accept that it is not possible for u to give it in multicolor pages. But pls give us the PDF version with all the photos. It will be great.
When referring softwares u could ve atleast mention that whether it is a shareware or a freeware or a demo. Pls also include some linux alternatives.
Carry some referenced softwares in the DVD in a seperate folder (may be Fast Track with the PDF version and softwares categorized to freeware, shareware, linux etc)

Hope i m not asking a fortune.


Ninja Jedi
The irony of a B&W photography book wasn't lost on some of us either. But like you guys point out, it was a cost issue.

prasadzmultiplex -- good catch on the goof-up

drgrudge -- can you post a link to your 9500 review please? And no, we were not "inspired" by you, it is likely a case of great minds thinking alike :D

hafees -- we plan to link the DVD and the Fast Track books asap. Were going to do so this month but ran out of time. Good suggestions overall but a COLOUR version of Fast Track as a PDF might not be practical — that would require replacing all images, we might not have the time for that :( Sorry. Tell you what, I will defn ask the people concerned, maybe we can work something out.
OK now! The wallpapers and the other visual softwares were good in the CD. One error, you printed the content of the DVD on the CD too. As I don't have a DVD drive, all my DVDs go to the waste box. So no comments on that. The next thing is the magazine, I've got just one thing to say about it. It was simply great. And so was the handbook to digital photography. It could have been better colored. I wait for the next issue and the Virus handbook.


In the zone
nice issue indeed but when is digit doing to publish one of those free handbooks that come along wit the issue which focus on tweaks and tips on not only xp but alos lots of other sotwares.KEEp up The GoOD work but please focus on the cd 2 cuz i dont hav a dvd drive so its a waste of $$ for me.also dont put to many developer tools please add the latest cheastbook database like u did last year guys!! i give yall 4 thumbs up(including my toes! hee hee


It would have been better if u had included game trailers F.E.A.R, Pariah,S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl as every 1 is talking abt these games and i heard they r awesome unfortunately we cant view them on a dial up so plz include them in the future and also include some game music. Rolling Eyes
Ok, totally a nice one. But, what about some reviews on sofwares and latest improvements on codecs and other technologies.

Also, liked the 200 page book on tweaks. Nice one guys. :lol:

And DVD contents r definetly good. Someone tell me did they saw their home on WORLD WINDS!. :roll: .Because i could'nt see mine b'cause my pc get stuck when i zoom in, feel pity. :cry: .
Yes, put some trailers on both movies and games. Atleast i can't play games, I can watch u play, on my pc. :shock:

And when is the next mobos and cards and processors review coming up. :roll:


The 200 page book on Digital Photography is a real value for money. Although it is in B&W, but since its free, who can complain :)


I must admit , the fasttrack was far above my expectations. I thought u ppl r going to give some sponsored book.

The DVD was good, plz include more tutorial and books on linux. Wallpapers were good but some of them were 1-2 years old , plz try to give new collections. Thanks for including bike pics in April.

Regarding the magazine, the quiz is too short plz make it two pages or 30 questions atleast and include the latest. This is the first thing I read in the mag.

The article on sms mrktg was also good. It is very interesting to read about what industry heavyweights think about new technologies.

AND plz review mobos and gfx card and other hardwares as u used to do earlier under bazaar section. New & notables feature only mp3 players and pdas.

Well overall the transformation of Digit from a pure Hardware to Tech to Business-Tech Mag has been good for me as I had graduated from school to college and then doing PG in Business management . Its the only mag that shows how technology helps business. others r too detailed or do not touch business aspects.

But I miss my old Digit very much! :(

Rajiv B N

Right off the assembly line


The March Issue is good but if u guys have noticed then there are just 130 and odd pages instead of the regular 170+ Pages......They have utilized those pages for the Book that they say are "FREE". Do I need to tell anything more?





i just completed reading the MAR 2005 issue as i am a news stand reader. not impressive. jan and feb issuses were gr8; except some dissappointments with the feb issue. the laptop section was actually reviewed last year. guys at least give a break of six months between the same hardware reviews.


Right off the assembly line
??? Results of Digit Carnival Feb, 2005 ???

Hello Digit Team. It's 15th of March, 2005 and no results for the Digit Carnival Feb, 2005 are available on the zdnetindia site.

Have Digit team missed it? When will be the results out???

I think Digit should keep its promises regarding announcement of dates etc.
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