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Right off the assembly line
great january issue,
zero 1 awards section was iluminating,some problems though
we ahve best motherboard in the 875 chipset category, what about
the new 915 chipset category. moreover in the internal tv tuner
card section, first place was awarded to compro videomate tv
gold plus, but i could not find this product in the market, can you
help finding me this product in delhi

anyways keep up the good work


Ninja Jedi
Ashis said:
4.34 GB but Where is the Software :evil: :?: :?:

InstallShield 10.5 Premier Edition
Where is It :x

Where Should I Click to install :?:

Didn't Find it in the DVD :?

OOPS! My mistake. We did not receive permission to put up the software, so could not. Guess some goof forgot to remove the link :p


Ninja Jedi
saROMan said:
well 1st gr8 Package......Loads of softs ...thx digit .......
now the Ugly part.......no Autopatcher .......pple why do u raise expectations....when u cant fulfill them ????

Duke setup Corrupt....
So is Music match jukebox....
same with iTunes.....more coming soon....

Dude, I have mentioned time and again that Autopatcher will make it to the Feb DVD, it was too late for Jan. Cheers!


pretty good mag i must say
for the first time in abt a year digits come close to standards set by itself
i must say a very good attempt to bring in the new year digit style
the articles were amazin
like all i loved the cyborg times
and in feedback of december i had mentioned we wanna know more abt broadband and this month digit gave us an article on that too :oops: :)
that was a very good piece ... thank you soo much
pardon my greed but now that we know what the conenctions are/will be like .. what abt the download caps/port blockin that these ISPs do ?
we are being held back partly because of the kind of connections that are provided to the consumer end !
also i predicted the GPU review .. and there it was .. first month of the year :D
tho im a little shocked by the 5700 gettin the best buy gold award :shock:

thanx for the projector shootout as well ... but they were only 800*600 :(
but considering the costs i know where u stopped ;)
the digit crack this contest is gettin a lil weird tho .. i dunno why
the desktop according to me was nuthin to sign home abt

animation article on incredibles was good and informative

ARCHOS GMINI400 :drool:

still no prices in digit zero1 awards :(

the new and notables ... well are new but not that notable
i miss the droolmaal style
themed and really droolable !

"rocking to iTunes" really rocked .. thanx :D
im new to it. .. and that really helped

the whole bit on "the year of the upgrade" was very good
i love to read the digit diary :lol: its fun !

im workin on a letter to send to readers letters do read it atleast

all in all thank you for listening to the readers
december was ok ... better than the standards that were being followed ...
but jan is what seems to be gettin ard a change in "di9it"


Broken In

I have a samsung DVD/CDRW combo. OS-> Win 98 SE

The moment I put in the DVD, it autoruns and I get the main window. If I click on the link for 'by demand software'[you have given it some other name; its the right most link], my PC hangs and I get this DOS message:

"Windows has been stopped due to stack overflow. Please edit <something>.ini and increase the stack value"

Please help.

PS: Some links work fine; for others I encounter the same problem.


Right off the assembly line
VIRUS in the DVD

there is virus in the small games section of the DVD.
the name of virus is TrojanDownloader.Win32.TSupdate.e
It is present in Bombermania, Galaxy_Invaders, PacManic_Christmas games.
BE carefull not to install these games. PcCillin detects the viruses during installation of these games but fail to detect them while maually scaning the DVD.
eScan detects the viruses by manually scaning the DVD(the name of virus is that from eScan)
:cry: [/img]


Broken In
Although the DVD contents this time are of high quality,
there are lots of spywares and adwares bundled with the stuff.
I guess thats coz u guys tried to provide as many FREEWARE as

Please try to take care in future that you don provide FREEWARE
with adwares or spywares (i even found browser hijackers :().

The Magazine contents this time were much better than last few
issues i'd say. So, keep up the good work 'Team Digit' :)

n Finally, I can't understand why you are still providing CDs with
same content as DVDs? This doesn't make any sense to me at all.
Atleast put some value to the CD for the users having DVD-ROM.
Include some 'exclusive' CD-only contents... :lol:


Broken In
QuickFire said:
.... Finally, I can't understand why you are still providing CDs with
same content as DVDs? This doesn't make any sense to me at all.

Well, for starters, everyone doesn't have a DVD ROM. Suppose they(persons not having DVD ROM) have suggested some program for the upcoming month's issue, and they find out that it has been put in the DVD, how will they be able to use it?


Broken In
impetus said:
Well, for starters, everyone doesn't have a DVD ROM. Suppose they(persons not having DVD ROM) have suggested some program for the upcoming month's issue, and they find out that it has been put in the DVD, how will they be able to use it?
hmm...serious matter :roll:
maybe Digit shud start two sections in the future like
'DVD Requests' & 'CD Requests' :D
that'll solve the problem.. :lol:


In Deniel
I miss OLD Digit, Your Articles are TOO "BOLD" and uninteresting. Too Business like; The idea of Changing Digit was great, till a certain point It have been great if you have just started giving DVD, instead of changing the whole magazine. 85% of your articles are pratically useless for normal Pc User, and they lack depth. The game reviews are taken from SKOAR! They are quite monotonus. I loved Mr. Sumods' Editorial, but I HATE Mr. Sachins' Editorials. He doesn't know what he's talking about, he's articles define a new meaning to: Boring, Repetive, Uninspiring, monotonus, so-so and the list goes on and on! Digit needs some HEAVY IMPROVMENT! Besides this, your MAGAZINE is GREAT! Thumbs Up


Right off the assembly line
ISO of fedora media test failed

A lot of thanx for the goodies but the iso written by nero got fail result :cry:


Is this due to FAULT of DVD :?:

CAN U CHANGE MY DVD as I purchased the mag from news stand and his stock are sold out

HELP ME !!!!


Broken In
i need to say only one thing to digit workers. plz put make up on every part of her/his body. in this month's c the girls leg guys its like dirty.
compare her hands and the feet and u all will no why i posted this.
plz "byte" ask the models to wash their legs or other part os the body tht does not have makeup.
plz dont take it negatively. check out the starting page of mag urself


Broken In
lara Cricket Missing From CD

I subscribe for only digit CD (no DVD).

On the CD Cover there is a good pic of Lara Cricket but it is not included on the CD .
its a great disappointment.


In Deniel
Her LEGS seem fine to me, alltho a little "CHOPPY". No offense Ms. Aneesha Dalal(or Mr. who knows?) try to wash your feet before Doing a "PHOTOSHOOT". @Mexi Xavier: Sir, Adobe Photoshop is NOT just for Adding Hands. Try too blur her legs TOO.


Right off the assembly line
Re: Beware!!! ADware + Spyware in games and software!!!

All the free games have spyware/adware. For the first time in five years my PC got infected just because I trusted software from DIGIT.

Pleeeeaaaase do not give these kind of things in future.

indianarchie said:
I installed the bombermania game from the jan 2005 CD..and it infected my computer with loads of ads and spyware!!! i also tried to install one of the MSN name utilities from the CD..luckily i read the license agreement which stated that the 180SearchAssistant would also be installed..180SearchAssistant is a well known adblaster..it'll give you lots of popups!

Has anyone else come across other instances of spyware/adware in the bundled software??? post them here!


The Photoshop Guy
Re: I rulez .. :p

it_waaznt_me said:
Wow .. This time I liked the magazine too .. (Dont ask abt the DVD :( ) ..

The Cyborg times was the best article .. Byte and Raaabo were great .. So was Ram Mohan Rao ..
y ame too loved dat article.
and last months websights article was superb too.

P.S lately I am becoming a Raaabo fan. Superb work raaabo.

..:: peace ::..
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