Faster surfing over slow connection : A discussion

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So here goes this.

In India, bandwidth is still something very precious hence costly.
Thanks to BSNL Adsl we can now have 8 mbps speed (BOD) but again that unusable because of CAPs (data transfer limits).

In most of the other countries, you can easily get uncapped 8mbps - 24 mbps lines for Rs. 200-500 pm (not a currency conversion but aggregate value of sum spend in their country as compared to Indian Rupee).

I am always looking to have unlimited access with good speed but above 256 kbps, you can't expect anything cheap.
BSLN has 900 pm for unltd 256 kbps, I even tried two connection ie. BSNL 256kbps + A local ISP 256 kbps but local ISP was giving 256 kbps unltd for Rs. 1500+taxes ultimately spending 2.5K a month is not vialble for normal home user or even for net savvy.

So other ways are to use some webaccelerator .
So I searched and found few..

I used onspeed few times back but was not able to evaluate it much as I felt that its something like breaching my privacy.
Recently google again unveiled GWA but its again serious breach to privacy as well as its prefetching is problem to many servers.
Though google has tried a very smart way..
Combing local caching + server caching + intelligent data route selection + compression !!
ie. All good thing which can be done to make a page faster apart of prefetching.
I think if google can implement something similar to "Ad-block" extension of firefox then it would be the best out.
When I turn of all ads .. which I can do effectively with ad-block extension of firefox then I was able to feel the breeze while I surf. .. surfing experince was improved almost 3x !!

Now my concern is that how many of you have used any of above ?
If not used then will u give them try ?
Also, there are paid service, are they worthy enough to pay for them ?
I won't mind paying 5K a year if there is 5 times faster internet speed on my same connection !!
Say I have 256kbps then 256 x 5 = 1280 kbps ie. more than 1 mbps !
But again I don't want to sacrifice quality of images I few while surfing as well as want more control over ads control as some of the above provide ad blocking too.

Btw.. add your suggestions too .. ie practical suggestions and experience about better surfing over slow internet.

My experience about GWA ie. google web accelerator

I installed it and checked it on two PC LAN and yes it went good, most of the heavy site was breeze bcz of caching and its accurate too.. ie. you won't get old pages as it do dynamic page authencity check too.
Moreover its free !!
I would have used it always but now not using it because I feel that my privacy is not that much private.
But on the other hand, while we surf , most of the time our request travel through many proxy servers hence loging our activities .. including our local ISP's proxy caching server..

PS: if mods feel it right then they can make this topic Sticky as the place to discuss faster internet on slow link !

An update
In google web accelerator they also provide a tool by which you can load two pages simultaneouly, the upper frame is for google optimzed page and lower for direct loading.
To do so in your browser, GWA must be running and then type following


... !~!
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@forever:from the GWA FAQ

7. Can I run Google Web Accelerator on a browser other than Internet Explorer or Firefox?

For other browsers running on Windows, you'll need to manually configure your proxy settings to for HTTP connections.


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@digital brat
yaar, i dont get it wat to do , when i look up in preferences > network>proxy servers , and put that address with port and check the http tab, it doesnt work, plz tell what am i dong wrong , thanks :)


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You have to put either localhost or and port as 8118 .
I am making a screenshot.
In preference, under netowrk .. in proxy servers
Do following.

I checked trial version few time back and after installing, it said that it trial don't work anymore.

For onspeed, you have to either buy or not try.
They are giving you 14 days money back guarantee, means you evaluate only after giving money and if not found suitable, get back your money !
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