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Hello all,

While browsing through the web, i came across a site that has a collection of some songs, out of which, one i would like to download. But the problem is that whenever i click the link, it opens into a new browser window with integrated Real Player. Is there any way by which i cud download the song?
I have tried using greased monkey(firefox,ie is useless in this case) using unembed script, but it only provides a dwld link of the player only, not of the song file...
And page source also doesnt list the file.... :(

PS:If thats meant to protect the file from dwld...hehehe...>:) , well...leave it then...but still i wud like to know how this is done !

Thx for any help rendered :)


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You have try in the source code, if you know little html.

And, it maynot be a download link in actual, it maybe a stream which you cannot download.

Though, there maybe some softwares to do that.

But, rms are not that good quality. Better go and buy a CD, rather wasting your time on 16kbps bit rate.


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Couldnt find anything on that.
BTW, i found a program(NeT Transport) that allows uu to download streaming content. But how do i provide the address of the file i want to download, coz right clicking does not work or RealMedia interface.


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More results......I guess you have greater chances of finding your answer. Dont you ?
Also, I think if the the audio or whatever you are listening to is legal then the site might provide an option to download it as well. Downloading anything that the site doesnt provides you for or attempting to leech a copyrighted material is illegal.
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