External HDD vs. HDD Casing

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Hi People,
I need to buy HDD.

What should I go for: an External HDD (Western Digital 400-500 GB) or an Internal HDD(Which Brand?) + External Casing(Brand? Price?)
Which is the "Best Buy"? Any Performance differences / points that help me decide from either of them?

Also finally any pointers to the issue no. where each of these were tested? ( I do not recall External Casing being tested till now, though)

Thanks for help:)


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Thanks for the link, but that doesnt do much help.
I couldn't find the price for External Casing for HDDs over there.
Also my original question of going for External HDD or to go for Internal + External Casing does not solve it?

Any further help would be appreciated. Thanks


Call me Sumit
adi..internal + casing will be cheap n best..i just bought 2.5 " laptop HDD seagate 80 GB + casing @2750/- :D

but take 2.5" laptop disk only ..very easy to carry + light weight :)


You would get an internal one+casing cheaper than an external one. So go for internal one with casing
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Ankur Gupta

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But I recommend getting a good casing if you go with internal HDD+casing as cheaper one's adapters die out rather quickly and heating is also an issue....


Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
do whot @esumitkumar suggests ....... cheaper way .... u need 2 save money 2 dont u & save money 2 add more hardware in future .......

lighter hdd = laptop hdd .........
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