External HDD not detected on my TV


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I have converted my old laptop sata hard drive into an external hard disk via a hard disc enclosure. I have been using this device without any issues on my computer.

However, when I try to connect this external hard disk to my Android TV it is not detected unfortunately. I'm able to use other external hard drives perfectly without any issues on the TV.

Tried formatting the hard drive with NTFS or exfat as well as changing from GPT to MBR but in vain..

Any clues please? Thanks !


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I have no idea about Android TV...some general comments here

It's possible that for some natural variation in specs your laptop hdd (I assume standard 2.5" 3-5V device here) in question is slightly more power hungry than what USB 3 port on TV can supply. Do you have any other USB 3.0 port on TV to test?
Is the same HDD in same case working fine on other devices like PC/Laptop?
The other HDDs that work fine on TV, are they using the same enclosure or different enclosure.
A bit out of scope but what if you set your TV brightness to high? This setting may draw relatively more power from the internal PSU inside TV.
Try using MBR, FAT32 and a smaller partition of say just 200MB and check again.
What is the size of the HDD in terms of GB or TB?
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Thanks all for your responses
It's a OnePlus Y1S Edge 32" Android TV with 2*USB 2.0 ports & the hard drive is a 500GB one.

Both the USB ports work on the tv and are meant for data transfer + other hard drives work perfectly fine on the same port.

The other hard drives that I'm trying to connect are all regular Seagate external hard disc drives & this is the only hard drive with an enclosure that I am trying to connect on this TV. This drive connects perfectly fine with other pc/laptops.

Tried the other USB port on the TV as well but with same results.
How come other Seagate external hard drives without a power supply work perfectly on the same USB 2.0 port on the TV !
Maybe it is efficient enough to run within USB 2.0 power specifications. If your converted ext HDD works fine on computers & your Seagate one runs fine on your TV, then neither the caddy for converted HDD nor the USB ports of TV are at fault.

See if you can find a dual USB type A cable like this for cheap locally to try it:

My best guess still remains that it is a power issue because of lack of USB 3.0 port. My NTFS 2TB ext HDD works just fine on TVs, but those TVs have USB 3.0 port.


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Thank you.. unfortunately I was not able to locate a cheaper version of this expensive cable ! Guess I'll have to use the Seagate drives only then.

(The connector at the caddy end is a different interface from that of the usual external hard drives) if that helps..


an externally powered hub will also work.

But I dont like using HDDs on external powered hubs. They lack electric backcurrent protection. Dont use them frequently.
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