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Extarnal HDD folder locked and Hidden


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Dear All,
I have an Extarnal HDD my friend took it from me to copy some movies and he tested a folder lock on it and he forgot the password as well, my folders are hidden and they are locked, till i did not find the password i could not see my folders, is thier any way to get my Data back?



Broken In
I f he uses "FOLDER LOCK" software, it is easily crackable as you can use the activation key as the password.
99% it works.



Broken In
It looks like the drive is being mounted as read-only. You could try:

1. Unmount the drive, and unplug the USB connection.

2. Open a terminal window, plug the hard drive back in and type: dmesg

You may see errors there that indicate why the drive is being mounted as read-only.

It could be something as simple as a dirty file system, in which case run the Disk Utility from the dash (click on the Ubuntu icon in the sidebar, type disk utility into the search box), unmount the device & check the file system from there.

NB - if you want to run Nautilus as the superuser, then I'd suggest: gksudo nautilus
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