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Export Adobe File to Powerpoint

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Dear All,

I have a adobe file with 27 pages of images. How can I export the entire pdf to powerpoint without any third party software.

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First of all your question is wrong:
You say:
How can I export the entire pdf to powerpoint
But i think you want to say:
How can I import the entire pdf to powerpoint
So you can do it as:

1. Open your PDF in Reader.
2.If you have Reader 5 or earlier
a. Choose the Graphics Select Tool from the toolbar (click and hold the toolbar button to the right of the zoom tool; when the flyout menu appears, click the rightmost button on it).
b.Use the Graphics Select Tool to drag a rectangle surrounding the area of the page you'd like to use in your PowerPoint presentation.
c. Choose Edit, Copy or press Ctrl+C, then switch to PowerPoint and choose Edit, Paste or press Ctrl+V to paste a copy of the selected area of the PDF file into your presentation.
d. If the result is too low-rez, switch back to Reader and without changing anything else, type a higher zoom percentage into the zoom text box at the lower left of the Reader window, then re-do the copy and paste into PowerPoint.
3. If you have Reader 6
a. Use the snapshot tool (a camera icon with a dotted line around it on the Basic toolbar), drag the crosshairs to draw a box around area you want to copy. The snapshot tool automatically copies the selected area to the clipboard; you can then paste it into PowerPoint. If you want higher resolution, zoom in on the image while it's still selected, then rightclick it and choose "Copy Selected Graphic"

For more visit here: http://pptfaq.com/FAQ00054.htm
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