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Ever cheated in ur exams....

have u cheated in ur exams ???

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Krazy Bluez

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Okay, to say the truth, I've CHEATED Before my exams but nowadays I don't like cheating but to write what I know not of others, coz they feel I donno any stuff at all and writting by my own fells me good inside too.

3 days ago I had my first terminal, was having the Mathematics paper and the kid besides me was of 9th standard and he had computer exams, and he had to write about Windows's stuff, so I helped him out, actually the question was "What is a title bar", "How to Copy and Paste" etc so I couldn't stop myself from helping that kid, so he was happy and asked me even more "silly" questions, and to my dilema, I wasted almost 15-20 precious minutes in helping him than writting my own paper, and by the way I don't like maths (don't know how I score in double digits in maths - 80) so I just thought that guys like us know more in computers than the teachers in the school, but our teacher thinks that we are all fools and cannot handle computers in practicals, so better not to go than practice it at home. lol


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Till about the 10th standard I was the one who studied a lot and then helped out my colleagues. After that it was pretty much the opposite. Although it is a great feeling to get more marks than the person who helped you. Very satisfying.

Of course when it comes to writing BA papers, one can only cheat for the 20 marks objective type questions. After that it is 'let's see who writes the most bull"
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Till 12th I was like this honest boy who never cheats..........I feared very much and believe me or not I didn't even know what r d various tricks of cheating rather copyin from anyone's sheet.
I went engg. college..............raggin period started..............hardly got time to sleep leave aside readin...............class test started..............I was seating like dumb with a blank sheet as I didn't know anythin about d subject..........and was very much afraid of copyin from my fellow bench-mates..........they all came prepared with cheats, written on scales, micros............
Suddenly one senior was passin infront of our class n saw me seatin like dat(he knew dat I have an exam today n left us early (2am) previous night to make cheats).......and asked me why I'm not writin.........I told dat I don't know d sub.........he asked why I don't have cheats? I told..........I couldn't dare..........he convinced me that nothin would happen if I cheat.........n I started copyin............
From dat day I never looked back(only to copy I used to look back:D)..........in 3rd yr I was d master of d act and source of our row............:D


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I never use chits to cheat, but I did that once and got caught. I regret for the rest of my llife, 'coz that lecturer made my life hell!! :mad: :(


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Ok now this is a joke. I was loaded with chits (I'm not at all a pro at this stuff, I just wanted to pass the exams) And I got such a position to sit that I was visible from 5 different locations. And this was the univ exams. I was terrified. Gave up the paper after 15 mins.

Supervisior:- Done !!
Me:- No.
Supervisior:- So why dont you write.
Me:- I dunno what is supposed to be written
Supervisior:- So what now??
Me:- I'll clear it in October !!!
Supervisior:- I like your confidence
Me:- Thank you !!


3 times
once in class 3 (one fill in the blank in a mid-term test)
once in class 10 SSC board exam pracs (3-4 chemical equations)
again in class 10 SSC board exam (5 fill in the blanks in a science paper)

hope i don't need to cheat again in future.


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bwahahaha.. i first cheated in class 6th.. Sanskrit paper.. :p Never looked back since then.. It doesnt mean i dint study.. just the stuff jo bheje mein nahin ghusta, wo likhke le jaata tha.. :D
I remember class 11 chemistry paper(I hate chemistry).. I was loaded with almost 7-8 chits, categorised chapter wise, each of them, half a register page long.. i had to make a map on my hand to remember which chapter's chit is where... rofl..
Seriously Chemistry and the maths/Physics Formulaes used to drive me nuts...


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Just like Goobi, we had objective type questions in our first and second year of BSc. That used to be the most entertaining part of writing the exams. Everyone would finish the rest of the paper and then in the last 15 minutes, we would 'discuss' the answers to the objectives. :D All under the supervisor's nose.

Obviously half of the answers would turn out to be wrong as no one had really studied, everyone expecting their neighbours to know the right answer. But it was fun.

People who reads and cheats=Topper or near about his/her marks

Totally agree with you. My "classmate" completely chaaped throughout his 9th, 10th and ended up topping the class
heres an incident i remember
once while writing in a his/civ paper, to make my answer look like a 'long' one, i wrote a few lines of metallica - one in it ;)
after i `shared` my paper, i discovered that my mate had even copied the lyrics :eek:
but i never got caught :rolleyes:

Did the teacher bye your anwser? ;)

Congrats on entering the 4000 club :)
And yeah, the feeling of getting more marks than the guy you copied from is very satisfying.

never cheated :lol: :tongue:

when i was in school i was like a watchdog :mrgreen: didnt even let my friends cheat. use to complain to teachers :mrgreen:

Chuglikor :)) (please..no offence meant)


Glad to hear you about helping out others now :D

As for me,
I experimented by going for my prelims totally unprepared, (except for maths)
I chaaped my way to a pathetic percentage
Since then I only help others, I dont participate


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Honestly, I've never cheated in exams or even in life.

But, I once waned to copy in a Hindi exam, but changed my mind at the last moment.


Just asked a one word answer once(in class XI) to student sitting next to me, and wrote what he said. And later found that the answer that I myself had written initially was right. Though at occasions, I allow others to see what I have written.


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cheating once or twice is OK...but totally dependingon it is not good...:D

Btw i once helped a student in my class...it was S.S.T paper..he was sitting bhind me
he was begging me 4 help..i was nervous whether 2 help him or not...finally
i gave him my sheets 1-by-1....

it was funny i got 30/30 & he got 29/30 in dat paper...:lol:

& in engineering i saw a boy cheating using cell fone...:D (just like mamu style)
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